Vaishnav family shocked to know Hitesh is the thief in Sanskaar

Dhara was shot by Dipika and was rushed to the hospital. Jai prayed for her a lot and even walked on hot burning coal to save her life and impress Lord by his strong will to be with his wife. The Lord is impressed seeing Jai’s strong wish and Dhara gets well in the hospital. Hasmukh comes to Jai to tell him the same and Jai is very happy. Jai goes to meet Dhara.

He sees her sleeping and caresses her. She wakes up and sees his feet hurt. He tells her that now he believes in the Lord as he has returned her to him. Dhara smiles. He takes care of Dhara and promises her that he will never leave her and they will be living for each other now. He tells her that they will always be husband and wife for life and will never separate from each other. Dhara is very happy as she got his love. Jai tells her I love you and she replies I love you too. They look at each other while having the sweet moments in the hospital ward.

Parul and Ansubaa see Jai’s feet hurt and he tells them that he did this for saving Dhara’s life. Ansubaa says she is proud of him. They ask him to bring Dhara home and till then they will do the arrangements of welcoming her. Dilip is very much angry on Ketki for supporting the wrong Dipika. He tells her that now they will be husband and wife for the world but when they are alone, he will not treat her as his wife. Ketki is shocked and cries. She pleads guilty and asks for forgiveness.

Dilip tells her that he gave her enough chances before and everytime she has ignored his warning and did what she wanted to do. He tells her that she won’t be given any chance now as he is fed up of her bad dirty games now. He asks her to be like a stranger for him and not try to become his wife as she lost that right by going against Jai and Dhara. Ketki regrets her mistake for helping Dipika. Ketki has a change of heart and starts respecting Dhara.

Jiten comes to the family and asks them to take the case on Dipika back. Hasmukh does not agree and says Dipika wanted to kill Jai and shot Dhara. She has played with their lives, how can we leave her. Jiten gets angry and warns them saying they will now be ruined and come on roads. Hasmukh asks him to do whatever he can. Chandrika meets Jiten and they join hands against the Vaishnav family. Chandrika srands in the sarpanch elections against Ansubaa and Hasmukh gets worried. He tells everyone that Chandrika can go to any extend to become the sarpanch.

Jai brings Dhara home and everyone are happy seeing them. They do the arrangements well. Ansubaa asks Dhara to stop at the door and do the Grah Pravesh with Jai. Dhara and Jai does so. Paarul does their aarti and welcomes them inside. Dhara greets everyone and they bless her happily. Jai takes Dhara to their room. They have some romantic moments after a long time.

Jai makes sure he takes good care of her and keeps her happy and without any worry as she is pregnant. Jai removes the curtain that was diving them before. Dhara is happy. They have an eyelock and sweet moments together. Jai and Dhara talk to Bhoomi’s pic and Jai tells her that he got Bhoomi again in Dhara. Dhara thanks Bhoomi for guiding her always. Jai feels Dhara’s goodness and hugs her.

Hitesh gets a dream that an inspector came home and exposed him as the thief of the house. He wakes up tensed and realizes its just a dream. Jiten calls Hitesh and offers him money to support him in ruining the Vaishnav family. Hitesh agrees. Avni sees the money and argues with him as he is doing wrong. Hitesh confesses to her that he is the thief everyone is looking for. Ramila hears this and is shocked. She goes and tell this to everyone.

Hitesh is finally caught and asked why did he steal money from Hasmukh’s drawer. Hitesh gets much insulted and he acts innocent and tells them that he just took the money to return it some day as he was helpless and in need of money. He apologizes to Ansubaa and acts as if he is leaving their house with Avni. He does some emotional blackmail and Jai stops him only for Avni’s sake.

Hitesh is very happy but he thinks of taking revenge form them as they have made him apologize. Hasmukh sees Hitesh talking to Lily. Hitesh tells Lily that he took the money as he thought he is part of the family and he has the right on the money. He fills Lily’s ears against the family. Hasmukh hears this and understands what is Hitesh upto. He tells Ramila that Hitesh can’t be trusted and we all should be careful. How will Jai save his family from upcoming risks? Keep reading.