Meher agrees to marry Ranveer unwillingly in Nadaan Parindey

Sameer takes Meher to the marriage function as Baraatis. He tells her that he is very hungry and names the dishes. She agrees as she is hungry too. They think to eat fast and run from there. They enter the marriage and acts like they are the guests. Some people doubt on them. Meher and Sameer get the food in their plates and goes to a table. Meher tells him that some people are coming towards them. They start eating faster.

Few women put wine in the water glasses. Meher and Sameer think its water and drink it. They get drunk and run from there as people come to catch them. They have a laugh on their way. Bebe is taken to the panchayat by Mangal and Nimmi. They accuse Bebe of making their daughter go against them. Bebe is shocked and feels bad. Nimmi asks Bebe to stay away from Meher. Just then, Sameer and Meher come there in drunken state. Everyone is shocked to see them.

Nimmi blames Sameer for making Meher drink wine. Bebe thinks Meher and Sameer have broken her trust and got her name ruined in the whole Pind. She slaps Sameer and Meher and leaves from there. The Panchayat decides in Nimmi’s favor and asks Bebe to be miles away from Meher else they will kick her out of the village.

Sameer and Meher apologize to Bebe but she does not forgive them as she was dragged in the panchayat because of them. Meher decided to leave the village and run away as Nimmi is forcing her to marry someone she does not love. Meher packs her bag and Sameer comes to meet her. Sameer tells Meher that he won’t let her go alone and will come along with her.

He comes home and packs his bag. Bebe asks him what is he doing. Sameer tells her that he is going with Meher away from this village. Bebe is shocked thinking Meher is making such a big mistake, once she goes out of the village, she will never be accepted again. Bebe calls Mangal and tells him everything asking him to stop Meher by talking to her like a responsible father. Mangal understands and goes to talk to Meher. He cries and requests Meher to marry the guy as he is good and he wants to see her settled and away from Nimmi.

He tells her that she can lead a happy life is she marries. He tells her if she won’t agree for marriage, then she will see him dead. Meher is shocked and agrees for the marriage crying. He hugs her and asks her to get ready as the guy Ranveer is coming to see her. Meher gets ready and the guy and his family like her and confirm the relation. Ranveer is a divorcee and us not rich, but a taxi driver in Canada. Nimmi wants to get rid of Meher by marrying her to him in seven days.

They decide about the engagement to be kept tomorrow. Gopi informs everything to Malik about Sameer. Sameer asks his men to kidnap Sameer soon as he may help them in their mission. Sameer tells Ranveer and his parents to stay at his home till the marriage gets over. They get very happy and praise Sameer as he takes good care of them and he brings food and clothes for them. Ranveer’s mum asks him to be with them as their helping hand.

Bebe sees Sameer working so hard for Meher’s marriage and says if he became responsible before, Meher would have married him and became my bahu. Bebe is not allowed to come in Meher’s engagement. She cries and dances in her room. Meher makes an excuse and runs from home to meet Bebe. Bebe does not allow her to come inside and asks her to leave speaking rudely to her. Meher is hurt and tells Bebe that she will die missing her. Bebe cries. Meher and Ranveer get engaged. Nimmi kicks out Sameer out of their house and asks him to stay away from Meher.

Sameer thinks Meher will leave in one week and then don’t know she will come back to meet him ever or not. He tells Bebe that Meher is very happy with this engagement. Bebe is happy meeting Ranveer and thinks of Meher’s words that a prince charming will come to marry her. Bebe finds Ranveer good looking and respecting elders. She thinks he is the right man for Meher and blesses him. Will Meher get married to Ranveer? Keep reading.