Vikram doubts Sarika behind Shobha’s accident in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Vikram wants to express his love to Shobha and tries finding many chances which he misses out by something or the other. Shobha catches cold and is not fine. Vikram takes care of her and gives her green tea makes her have medicines and wants to tell her I love you. He gets a call and goes to talk, and till then Shobha leaves. He asks her to take off and sends her home. Sarika is at café and worried thinking Anil is doubting her for Abhay’s murder, and maybe he really got the property papers. Anil comes to her and thinks he should avoid meeting her, she is very smart and will have some plan in her mind.

He says she can even take the property if she wants. She thinks he is playing game. He thinks she is acting like innocent and offers her help. He says he is going to London as he has work. He says my flight is in some time, and leaves. He thinks he is not going London, but will send her to jail, he is planning to relax her, she killed her brother and his life has one motive to get her punished. Nani talks to pandit and asks for auspicious marriage date. She calls Vikram and gives the dates. Vikram says I could not talk to Shobha. hobha says she got off from office, and Vikram gave me this jacket as I was feeling cold, he takes care of everyone. Sarika takes Vikram’s jacket and hugs it.

Vikram stops Sarika and gets the screw driver near the car. She gets tensed and leaves. She removes the screws of the balcony again. She says to plan someone’s murder is so easy. She calls Shobha asking her to get her solitaire ring from her jeans, and Shobha goes to take it. Shobha falls off the balcony and calls for help. Vikram hears her and knocks the door. She cries and says save me. He asks is she fine, and breaks the door. He holds her hands and pulls her up. She comes up and hugs him. He holds her close and they look at each other. She says thanks. The inspector comes and asks how did all the screws open on its own together, its not an accident, every crime has a motive which make us catch the culprit.

The inspector says she has good fate, else her postmortem would have been going on now. Sharda and Sarika come home. Sarika is shocked seeing Shobha fine and police there. Vikram tells everything to Sharda. Sarika says why did police come. Shobha says the railing fell on other flat, and they filed the case. Vikram asks inspector is she sure that it was planned accident. The inspector says yes, be alert and if its planned, the person will attack again, be with Shobha and take care. Vikrma says Shobha does not have any enemy. The inspector says rivalry is by jealousy. Vinita asks Garima not to change mind, she took doctor’s appointment.

Garima says sorry, but I can’t do this, I can’t abort my baby, I would have not forgiven myself, I realized the man becomes a father when its born, the woman becomes mother when she conceives, I decided I don’t want to abort my baby. Sarika thinks this time Vikram won’t come to save you. Vikram doubts on Sarika and thinks did Sarika do this. Sarika makes kada for Shobha and adding mosquito repellent in it. Sharda comes and asks for kada. Sarika says its for Shobha and goes to her. The kids make the glass fall and Sarika scolds them in anger. Garima comes home and meets Shobha. Shobha hugs Garima and asks her about Sanjay. Garima starts crying. She says Sanjay does not want this child and I should abort this baby. Shobha is shocked.

Shobha says now I understand you both were silent in baby shower, I will talk to him. She cries and hugs Shobha. Shobha makes her smile. Vikram talks to Shobha and says inspector said it was planned trap, and think did you see anything unusual or do you have any doubt on anyone, and did you receive any call at that time asking you to go there. Shobha recalls that Sarika called her to get her jeans and the ring and is stunned, thinking to tell Vikram or not. Will Sarika’s true face come out? Keep reading.