Vivek realizes his mistake after losing his child in Balika Vadhu

Saachi recalls her marriage with Vivek and how he encouraged her to make her identity and then doubted on her for having an affair with her boss. She talks to her baby in her womb and cries. She feels unwell and faints. She is rushed to the hospital. Suman greets them and says Saachi will come with us to our home. They sit down. Daddu asks Vivek about his health. He says he is fine. He says Saachi will come with us today if you all permit. He apologizes to everyone for hurting them. I don’t believe that how can I doubt on Saachi. She has been faithful to me. I am feeling ashamed knowing I have hurt her in her pregnancy.

Vivek calls her and is being informed by the person who picked the call that she fell unconscious in the park. Vivek informs everyone. They get shocked and rush to hospital. The doctor comes and informs them that Saachi is fine now, but lost her child. They are shocked. The goon slaps Sona and tries to take her forcefully. Dadisaa comes and stops him. She slaps him. The goon tries to beats Dadisaa when Jagya comes and kicks him. Niranjan calls the Police. Vivek comes to Saachi’s ward. hey hug each other and cries. Anandi hires workers for NGO. Anandi tells her worker Chanda that she hired that woman because of her strength and hope. She would have broken if I don’t give her any chance.

Chanda says you are right. I am no one to reject that woman, you make a stone shine. Shrivastav wakes up and sees Jagya with media and KusumShrivastav says he didn’t marry her. She is not my wife. Kusum gets shocked and shows their marriage photo. She asks what is this? Shrivastav gets shocked. Kusum calls her son Shakti. Shrivastav gets shocked. She asks what you will tell now. Will you decline your relation with your son? Shrivastav is shocked and says it is shameless thing. Jagya says he wants his blood samples and nails to get the DNA test done. Jagya gives them time and says only justice will be done now. He tells media that Shrivastav agreed and thanks them.

Jagya gives him advice to accept his sins and apologizes to Kusum. Anandi gets a phone call and she gets shocked. She tells Shiv that Kaki called and said that her Bapusaa has got some skin disease and his condition is deteriorating day by day. Shiv says we will go now itself. Anandi comes to her father’s village. She enters the house and is shocked to see her ailing father on the bed. She rushes to him, while he stops her saying the infection would spread to her. Shiv tells Alok that Anandi and Shiv are bringing them to Khazan ji here for treatment. Subhadra says where he will stay. Daddu says he will stay at our house.

Subhadra says this house has become poor’s home. Anandi and Shiv bring Khazan ji home. Daddu says he means to say about hospital facilities. Subhadra looks at his infected hand. Gehna sees Nandu sleeping in her room and gets sad thinking about what he is going through. She makes him sleep properly and wipes her flowing tears. She hears Niranjan singing song.Dadisaa comes to know that Niranjan is having high fever and asks Makhan kaka to inform Gehna. Nandu thinks Dadisaa will make his mother take care of him. Daddu praises Anandi for her values.

Khazan ji gives the credit for Anandi’s good upbringing to Bharov, Sumitra and Dadisaa. Anandi washes her father’s clothes and puts antiseptic in it. She thinks to cook food for him first. ubhadra scolds her for trying to spread her father’s infection. Anandi says she used warm water and antiseptic to wash his clothes. Subhadra says she is not illiterate and is a graduate. Anandi asks her to trust her. Subhadra tells Anoop that Khazan is suffering from skin disease and that’s why she can’t eat.

Anoop says Anandi uses Sanitizer and even washes her hands. Anandi serves food to her father Khazan ji. She makes him have food. Khazan ji recalls Anandi’s childhood days and says you used to do like this even before. He misses his wife. Anandi asks him not to tell himself as burden. Subhadra gets scared of infection and keeps fast to avoid the food Anandi made.