Zain gets Barkat Royale’s papers and saves Aayath from Rocky in Beintehaan

This week started with Zain and Aaliya changing their avatars and going in Raghu’s bhai party to get Barkat Royale’s papers. They become friends and work together for the same goal. Zain and Aaliya are shocked to see Usman and Surayya there in the party and hide from them. Usman does not see them. By mistake, Zain says dad and Usman look at him and says I heard you called me dad. Zain says maybe you are missing your son a lot and so you heard dad. Usman says maybe you are right.

They have a casual talk. Zain and Aaliya thank Lord that they did not identify them and goes to search for the documents of Barkat Royale. Zain and Aaliya try hard to get the locker keys. Aaliya dances with Raghu bhai and takes the keys from his neck and gives it to Zain. Zain goes to the hotel room and opens the locker. He gets the papers and is very happy. While coming back, he sees Aayath with Rocky. Rocky asks Aayath to give up to him and he knows she us new in this line and says he will teach her everything slowly.

Aayath asks him to leave her and she runs. The police does the raid there. Raghu is not aware that Zain got the papers. Raghu talks to the inspector and asks with whose permission did they come for raid. The inspector shows him the search warrant papers. They check the whole hotel and many people run who are in escort service. Even Aaliya runs from the hotel. She bumps into Zain and he takes her with him. Zain gives Aaliya the papers and asks her to leave from the hotel soon.

Aaliya gets happy seeing the papers and asks him where is he going. Aayath gets worried thinking who is taking her. Zain shows his face to her and says I m your jiju Zain. Aayath goes with him and sits in the car. Zain calls Fahad and asks him to take Aaliya home. Fahad meets Aaliya outside the hotel and she gives him the Barkat Royale’s papers.

Fahad gets happy and thanks her. They leave from there. Zain asks Aayath why did she come to Mumbai from Bhopal and what was she doing in the hotel. Aayath tells him everything about Rocky and how he brought her here. She says Ghulam needed money and Rocky fooled her. Zain asks her to forget everything and she will drop her home. Rocky calls Aayath and threatens her to come back else he will leak her photos. He sends her the photos and she is shocked seeing them.

She tells Zain that Rocky has kept a camera in the changing room and he took her private pics. Zain tells her not to worry as he will save her from every problem and also from Rocky. Aayath is relieved. Aaliya calls Zain and asks him where he is. He tells her that he is busy in some work. Aaliya thinks where might be Zain. Aaliya sees the video on a news channel and she sees Zain going out with an escort. Zain comes home leaving Aayath at his friend’s flat. Aaliya asks him where did he go and thinks about the video.

Aaliya confronts Zain and asks him what did he do with the escort that is making him not see in her eyes. She asks him to tell the truth. Rocky starts blackmailing Aayath. Aayath calls Zain and tells him everything. Zain says I m coming. Aaliya again and again asks Zain with whom was he. Who was the escort. She sees the lipstick marks on his shirt and asks him what is this. Zain tells her that the girl was from good family and was forcefully dragged in the escort racket and he helped her from the goons.

He does not tell Aaliya that she was her sister Aayath. Aain goes to meet Aayath and talks to Rocky. He says I m Aayath’s brother Zain Abdulla and I will beat you like a dog if you leak the pics. Rocky tells Zain that he will surely upload the pics. Zain takes the inspector’s help and tracks Rocky by his mobile number. The police arrests Rocky and Zain asks Aayath to pack her bags as he will drop her to Bhopal. He calls Aaliya and tells her that he is going on a business trip to Delhi and does not tell about Aayath. Will Aaliya find out that the escort was Aayath? Will she realize Zain’s goodness? Keep reading.