Zain swears to find Aaliya; Rehaan getting romantically inclined towards Aaliya in Beintehaa

Aaliya has given back Usman’s property share back to Zain and Surayya. Zain reminisces Nafisa’s confession and then Aaliya pleading in police station that she is innocent, he divorcing her and she pleading him not to divorce her. He thinks Aaliya was right, he made a big sin. Nafisa informs Aaliya about her mistake and pleads her not to complain about her to police as her children’s life will spoil. Aaliya hugs her and apologizes her for not forgiving her. Zain searches Aaliya and does not find her. He calls her and says he came to know about her innocency and her to give him a chance. Aaliya says she is a muslim and after divorcing she cannot meet him again.

Zain pleads her again to give him chance and not to punish her. Aaliya requests him not to reveal Nafisa’s secret to anyone as she does not want another house to be ruined and says she has forgiven him. Surayya is busy in Zain’s engagement party and guests. . Zain apologizes her and says he cannot marry Sanam. Zain reaches Rehan’s house in the morning and finds it locked. He reaches Bhopal then and sees Shabana/Ghulam’s house locked. Their neighbour says they went without informing anybody. The show gets a one year leap. Zain sits next to Usman’s grave and says Aaliya must be loving him wherever she is and he promises Usman to fight her soon.

Zain says Aaliya still loves me today. I promise you that I will get her back no matter what. Aaliya starts running a Dhaba and keeps Usman’s pic. Zain looks at his marriage pic with Aaliya, cries and wishes happy anniversary maika-e-zain. Secretary asks when all our projects are named Barkth, why this one is named MKB. Zain reminisces calling Aaliya as mamu ki bhanji and says this name is closer to her heart. ilal tries to brainwash Fahad again, but he walks out. Bilal thinks her mom is genius, we will become owner of this property soon. Zain calls Rehan’s law firm and enquires about him and even enquires about Ghulam’s family, but does not get their info.

Just then Rehan’s kids come to Dhaba with him and call Aaliya as Ammi. Zain informs Surayya that he is going to Hyderabad to perform mass marriages. Nafisa thinks because of her, many lives got into trouble. Rehan informs Dr. Habeeb that they are going back to Mumbai. Zain says Fahad he will not inaugurate their new project until Aaliya is found. Fahad says Bilal that it is time to stop Zain from his misbehavings. Dr. Habeeb asks Rehan to express his feeling. He says he does not have any feeling for Aaliya. Zain asks his marriage about the catering at mass marriage function. He says he is thinking of hiring a dhaba.

Aaliya informs Ghulam about the catering offer and says she felt she has to accept the offer and thinks it is in her fate. Ghulam says fate cannot be changed and if two people’s fate unite, it is difficult to separate them and talks about Rehan. Aaliya says Rehan is a good guy, but she cannot get into a relationship with anyone. Aaliya says it is a legal notice to vacate dhaba by some MKB company. Servant says it is the same company which is performing mass marriage. Zain sees Aaliya talking on phone with someone with her back turned towards him. He identifies her, goes and touches her from behind, says he searched for her for the whole year. She says she does not have any place for him in her life and tries to move out.

He stops her, says I love you and hugs her. Aaliya gets emotional but does not him. He gets conscious and realizes it is his imagination. He says himself that he is dreaming from 1 year that she will forgive him. Aaliya seen behind Zain buying vegetables. She senses Zain’s presence there. Zarina thinks how can Aaliya go missing, where did she go and why. Bilal comes and gives her a doll and says he did his work. She asks him to provoke Fahad against Zain. He says it is a good idea. Zain reaches Aaliya’s dhaba. Servants forcefully make him sit and asks what he wants to eat. He says he came to taste food for mass marriage.

Zain looks at the whole dhaba and is surprised to see Usman’s pic there. Servant sees Zain watching Usman’s pic and says he is Usman Abdulla, Mumbai’s hotel owner and says his owner thinks with this pic she can become rich like him and starts badmouthing about Aaliya. Zain gets a message and is amazed to see Aaliya’s name in it. Zarina is playing with Surayya’s bad childhood memories making her scared. Will Zain and Aaliya meet? Keep reading.