Zain’s duplicate Rocket gets hired by Zarina to replace Zain and acquire his property in Beintehaa

Surayya is leaving for Umrah and gives the keys to Aaliya. Shaziya asks how can she give keys to Aaliya instead of her. Aaliya gives her keys and says we all have to run the house, it does not matter who has keys. Shaziya praises Zarina that her plan is working and she got keys from Aaliya. Zain says it was dad’s dream to keep us all united and she should forget her dream of separating them. Aaliya gets irked that Zain is ignoring her phone call. Nafisa sees her tensed and asks her about it. She tells her Zain is acting weird. Nafisa asks what did he do. Aaliya tells her about the dargah incident and says Zain is believing Baba instead of being logical like before.

Nafisa says Zain loves you a lot and does not have courage to lose you again. Zain meet Baba who says he ignored his warning and invited evil spirits. He asks what is the remedy for this. Baba says he will have to be away from his wife for two months and prays to Allah to protect his boy. He then closes eyes and sees Zain himself as evil spirit and thinks how can he himself harm his love. The man fights with some goons and frees himself and he is none other than Zain’s duplicate whose name is Rocket. Zain prays god to protect him from evil spirits. Rocket’s rivals start chasing him.

Bilal comes there to buy crackers, he happily keeps crackers in his car thinking he will enjoy with Shaziya, but Rocket who is hidden in his car, comes out and keeps pen behind him saying it is gun and he will kill him if he turns back. Zain tries to get away from Aaliya and sleep in another room, but finds on bed before him. He tries to lock her in room and walks out saying he has to be away from her for two months, as per Baba’s warnings. Bilal is shocked to see Zain kissing another girl. He calls him Zain, but he gets into another car and leaves. Bilal thinks of informing about this to Zarina.

Zain gets into guest room to sleep. Bilal comes there and sees him there, he gets confused and asks how did he change clothes and beard soon. Zain wakes up in the morning and sees Aaliya sleeping near his feet on floor. Aaliya reaches dargah and meets Baba who asks if she is tensed regarding her husband. He says he saw an evil spirit’s face which resembled her husband. Aaliya asks why will a person harm her who loves her so much and says even if evil spirit is there, Zain will not let it near her. Bilal shows Zarina both Zain and Rocket on the street and she gets shocked. Bilal says it is proved that Zain is not having an affair, but Usman had an affair. Zarina smiles and asks him to find out details about Zain’s duplicate.

Bilal says Rocket is very intelligent, his girlfriend slapped him but then even hugged and went with him. They both start following Rocket’s car. Aaliya sees flower bouquets all over her room with Zain’s love notes. Zain apologizes in notes and asks her to just wait for 1 month as he cannot lose her and says she is his biggest strength and weakness. She kisses note and smiles. Rocket reaches Barkath Royle with his girlfriend. Aaliya asks receptionst about Zain who says he is in restaurant. She walks towards restaurant. Rocket walks before her with his girlfriend. Before she could see him, Zain calls her and asks if she liked flowers. Aaliya enters Zain’s cabin and does not find him. Zain comes out with a rose. He shows boss’s seat and says she is his life’s boss and her place is on that chair.

Bilal says Zarina that fate has brought Zain and his duplicate in same restaurant. Zain enters washroom and stands next to Rocket. They both don’t look at each other even after being in front of mirror. Aaliya watches Zain’s video where Zain records his confessions about finding Aaliya in every city, scolding his friends for inviting him to party without Aaliya, etc. She then reminisces insulting him many times. Aaliya thinks Zain suffered a lot and thinks they both were together and will be always. Aaliya walks till stairs and turns back seeing Zain, but falls from stairs and goes unconscious after hitting her head on pillar. He gets worried and aggressively wakes her up. Zain drops Aaliya on bed and massages her feet. She says if he noticed that she did not feel any pain since 15 minutes when he is touching him and fall from stairs when he did not.

She says during one year of separation, he suffered a lot and even after that she troubled him. Bilal and Zarina reach Rocket’s house. Bilal reminds him of their meeting before. Rocket remembers their meeting in car and in hotel corridor and says he does not forget people easily. Zarina says they need a small favor from him. She shows him Zain’s pic and he is Zain Abdulla. Rocket realizes that hotel staff were thinking him as Zain. Zarina says he has to enter Zain’s house and get some papers from his wife. Rocket says he needs 2 lakhs. Zarina bribes him with Rs 50 lakhs. Will Zarina replace Zain with Rocket? Keep reading.