Vikram takes Sharda to Mumbai in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Samarth gets free from jail only to attend Garima’s wedding and informs Ajay to reach there as he won’t let her marry Sanjay. Shobha makes Garima ready and asks her not to worry about Samarth. She brings Garima in the mandap and blesses Sanjay and Garima. Ajay comes inside and Garima gets scared seeing him. Shobha asks how dare he come here and kicks him out. Samarth comes and says no one will touch Ajay. He scolds Garima, and asks how can she marry the man who insulted her by breaking the engagement. Shobha says they love each other. Samarth says I promised Ajay that Garima will marry him. Shobha says I promised Garima that she will marry Sanjay, I will protect her.

Vikram asks Samarth to understand. Samarth says its good, if I m in jail, you are eyeing my wife and sister. Vikram beats him, and Saurabh stops him. Shobha says Vikram knows the engagement broke because of him, and wanted to unite them. Samarth counts his favors on Garima, and asks how can she listen to Shobha. Garima asks him not to emotionally blackmail her. Saurabh says we did not want their relation to happen, and we changed our mind seeing their love. Samarth scolds Saurabh.Shobha stops Samarth and he angrily makes her sign the divorce papers. He says he will break marriage with her if she is controlling over his life and family. He insults Shobha a lot. She asks about kids.

He says don’t tell me about them, I love them, they are my blood. Sharda Mummy ji cries and protects Shobha. She scolds Samarth and asks her to leave from this house. Samarth says he won’t leave Shobha as his mum is kicking him out because of her. He says its happening because of her lover. Mummy ji says how dare you tell this about Shobha and beats him, asking him to leave. Vikram says he is worried because of Shobha’s divorce. Sharda says she was wrong before and asks Sanjay to keep Garima happy. She apologizes to Vinita and Saurabh and does Garima’s vidaai. Shobha says my story had sad ending, when I see Sanjay and Garima, their love and hope, I also get a hope that love exists in this world.

Vikram says he guarantees their marriage will work, as she is with them. Shobha meets Samarth in jail and cries. Samarth asks is she afraid thinking what will people think of her after her divorce. She requests him to think about kids, and he kicks her out. Shobha comes home and yells on Vikram in her frustration. He gets hurt and leaves. Sharda apologizes to him and asks him to be with Shobha in this tough time. Shobha comes to know her mum in unwell and goes Mumbai with her sister Riddhima.

Sarika plans to kill Abhay and Riddhima pops up at her place. Sarika postpones the plan and later on, kills Abhay and shows its accidental. Nani arranges Vikram’s room and says when will that girl come who does his work and makes him work. She gets the crushed pic and sees Sarika. She curses her. She asks Vikram what is this pic doing with him. She asks till when will he torture himself and tears the pic. He takes the pieces and says you have torn this, tell me how should I ruin my memories. He says these memories will ruin me. She says love’s opposite is not hatred, its carelessness, that you don’t care about anyone. She asks him to come out of his past. Sarika comes home and washes her face. She cries and calls Sharda. She tells her about Abhay’s death. Sharda is shocked.

Sarika says he felt from balcony and he died yesterday night, you please come here, he was my husband and I m alone now. Sharda faints. Vikram and his Nani take care of her. Nani asks him to go Mumbai along with Sharda to meet her daughter. Vikram agrees and thinks about his memories with his ex girlfriend. Sarika thinks Abhay tortured her a lot, and he is troubling her after his death. The police comes to take her statement. He asks her to file case against the builder as the balcony railing broke and he died. The neighbor says Sarika told us before that railing is damaged. Sarika requests him not to do post mortem and cries.

Vikram brings Sharda to Mumbai. Sharda thanks him for helping her. He says I m your neighbor and Shobha’s friend, I can do this. They leave for Sarika’s home. Vikram thinks his girlfriend left him just because he was poor and wishes he never sees her face again. What will happen when Vikram and Sarika come face to face? Keep reading.