Aaliya realizes Zain’s goodness as he saved Aayath from Rocky in Beintehaan

Gawhar plans to marry Zain by making him feel guilty that he has slept with her and taken advantage of her innocence. Shaziya also helps her in this mission. Gawhar mixes Bhaang in Zain’s drink and makes him have it. Zain drinks it and goes to see Aaliya. Aaliya does not see Zain coming after her. Gawhar gets the man assuming it is Zain and makes him sleep beside her so that she can create a scene in the morning.

The night passes and its morning. Gawhar wakes up happily thinking now she will get Zain at any cost and he has to marry her today itself. Shaziya calls her and asks her was the mission successful. Gawhar says yes and looks out of the window and is shocked to see Zain outside. She quickly turns the man to see his face and it is Rizwan. She is shattered and starts crying. Shaziya comes to her and knocks the door. She starts creating the scene that this guy has to marry Gawhar now. Rizwan wakes up hearing their noise and even Shaziya is shocked seeing him.

Their plan flops and Zain is somewhere else. Rizwan finds himself semi nude and asks him what was he doing there and what happened. Gawhar says nothing and leaves. Nafisa asks Rizwan did anything happen between him and Gawhar. Rizwan says no. Nafisa is relieved. Zain is with Aaliya. Both of them had bhaang. Aaliya was not in her senses totally. She wakes up in the morning and finds Zain beside her. Zain tries to fool her and scare her saying her about the night. He says you were on me sleeping and I had to push you on the side.

You were like a hungry tigress all night and was very wild. He tells her that she broke her limits and now they are completely husband and wife. He says it is not at all bad as it is her right as a wife to give love to her husband. He tells her that they have united and became one soul and it is allowed between husband and wife so she should not be worried about the night. Aaliya is tensed and starts crying. He then tells her that he was fooling her and consoles her. She starts beating him with pillows.

Surayya asks Aaliya to wash the Holi bedsheets and Aaliya happily agrees saying she used to do this at her parents home also. Surayya says its 25 bedsheets. Aaliya comes to Zain and sees him swimming. He asks her to make him wear the gown and she does it shyingly. Beintehaan…….. plays……….. Zain tells Aaliya that she can’t wash so many bedsheets and should give it to laundry. He tells her that he will tell Surayya that it was his decision and she should not worry about it. Aaliya and Zain go to the laundry to give the bedsheets.

Zain gets down the car and gets hit by Rocky. Aaliya sees Rocky but does not identify him as she has not seen him before. Rocky smiles seeing Zain on the ground and leaves hurting him. Aaliya is shocked and runs to Zain. She makes him conscious and calls Usman to arrange a doctor for Zain. She drives the car and brings Zain home. She asks Usman to inform police that someone has hit Zain intentionally. Aaliya makes a sketch of that man and shows it to Zain. Zain understands that it was Rocky. Aayath sees the sketch and gets scared.

Aaliya asks her where did she see this guy. Zain signs Aayath not to tell anything and she becomes quiet. The inspector calls Aaliya and tells her that the guy is Rocky and he runs an escort service. He tells her that Zain lodged a complaint against him few days back. Aaliya is shocked and realizes that Zain lied to her. Aaliya tells Zain that she has some work and she will be back soon.

She goes to the police station and meets the inspector. She asks him about the escort girls and if he has any pics. He says he has destroyed the pics and videos and has only names of the girls. He reads the names. Aaliya is shocked to hear Aayath’s name. What will Aaliya do now knowing the truth that Zain helped Aayath that night in the hotel? Will she fall in love with Zain and feel his goodness? Keep reading for more interesting updates next week.