Amrita gets killed and Kabeer resigns from his post in Laut Aao Trisha

Lavanya gets scared and tells Kushan that she has seen guard’s dead body in cupboard, and he shows there is nothing such. Amrita comes to Kabeer’s office and asks constable if he is there. Peon says he has gone out and she can wait for him. Officer gets Pratik’s forensic report and asks to keep it on Kabeer’s table. Amrita calls Kabeer, but Varsha who is there switches off mobile saying she does not need any disturbance. Kabeer gets ready for office and asks when is she proposing to her boyfriend. She says she will today and says she is very nervous.

He says her boyfriend is very lucky and everything will be fine. She says even then she is nervous and asks if they can rehearse, says she will propose him and he can say yes or no. He agrees. She holds his hand and says she loves him a lot and if she can spend the rest of her life with him. Amrita comes there just then and sees them holding each other’s hands. She apologizes and says she will come later. Kabeer walks behind her, leaving Varsha irked. He says he got Jahnavi’s pic from college’s admission form and will know who she is soon. Meghan comes to Aditya’s cabin. He asks if she has any work.

She says if she cannot come to meet his boyfriend. She reads Trisha’s SMS and says him that Trisha has invited him for party and asks if he is attending it. He says no as he is ignoring Trisha since many days. Meghan takes a drug bottle from his desk and thinks she has to find out what it is. Meghan adds drug in juice. Aditya asks Trisha why did not he pick her call and why is he ignoring her. Meghan gives drugged juice to her and asks to have it. Meghan says Aditya proposed him. Trisha is shocked to hear that. Meghan asks Aditya if he did not tell her and says she said yes. Trisha asks is this true. He says yes. Trisha walks out feeling dejected. Trisha gets drunk and scolds Kabeer for trying to get close to Amrita.

Amirta slaps her and later apologizes. Amrita says she loves only Pratik and nobody can take his place, Kabeer is only helping find Pratik’s murderer and he will solve the case soon. Amrita then apologizes to Kabeer. Meghan mixes drug in a drink again. Sonali picks drink and forces Amrita to drink it. Amrita drinks, feels drowsy and falls on the ground. Aditya checks her pulse and declares her dead. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Meghan gets afraid. Kabeer asks to seal the doors. He devastedly walks near Amrita and looks at her sadly. Officer says his doubt about Jahnavi’s revenge was right. Kabeer says Lavanya and Kushan are missing from party and asks officer to check where are they.

Sonali calls Lavanya and tells her about Amrita’s murder. Someone kills waiter. Kabeer asks officers to take finger prints from the venue. The commissioner gives finger print reports to Kabeer and he is shocked to see Trisha’s name. Kabeer comes to Varsha’s house and starts crying. She asks what happened. He tells her about Amrita’s murder and says he could not save her. She is shocked to hear that and tries to console him. He asks Kabeer to arrest Trisha and close the case. Kabeer says he cannot close the case as it is clear someone is trying to ruin Pratik’s family. The commissioner gives Kabeer arrest warrant and asks him to arrest Trisha and do his duty. Kabeer comes to arrest Vivan.

Sonali and Gaurav come with ransom money to rescue Vivan. Goons kidnap even them. Kabeer reaches there with his officers. Aditya’s peons search drug sample bottles and says him that one is missing and it is a very dangerous drug. Forensic expert informs Kabeer that he found 2 drugs in glasses, one a medical drug which will kill a person if overdosed and another one is normal drug. Kabeer says normal one must be of Vivan’s and he has to find out about another one. Aditya realizes Meghan has stolen the drug. Gaurav and Sonali bring Vivan home. Sonali tells that his friend told how he saved a child from goons and asks why did he risk his life for some strangers.

Gaurav says they should be proud of him and it is his good deeds that they saved us. Trisha at breakfast table remembers Amrita and cries. Vivan comes there and cries consoling Trisha on Amrita’s death. Kabeer does not arrest Trisha and gives his resignation letter to commissioner. Who has killed Amrita? Keep reading.