Anandi to save Saachi in Balika Vadhu

Saachi’s friend Payal tells her that Surabh is not a good guy and he is just using you. But Saachi does not believe her and says I trust Saurabh. There is a Ganga and Jagya’s son’s Naam Karan function going on. Anandi comes with Amol and tells Dadisa that Amoli is studying well and securing good marks. Dadisa is happy and blesses them. Both the families meet at the function. Saachi waits for Saurabh at the function. Saurabh comes and hugs her. Saachi feels uncomfortable by his hug. Saachi and Saurabh are alone at home. Saachi says lets watch movies. Saurabh shamelessly says lets make our own movie. Saachi excuses herself from him saying she will go and bring snacks.

Anandi’s dad is on the way to the function. He thinks of Anandi’s childhood and her marriage with Jagya. He comes and meets Anandi. Anandi gets tears in her eyes seeing him. She hugs her dad. Saachi and Saurabh are running at their place. Saurabh runs after her to get her. Saachi says some things look good only after marriage. Saurabh says yes, I will marry you, so I want to lessen the distance between us. Saurabh gets closer to her and she runs to her room. Saurabh catches Saachi. She asks him to leave her. He asks her to grow up. A servant comes and hears Saachi’s voice and goes upstairs.

Ganga’s son is named Abhimanya. Everyone are happy. Anandi misses her mother on this occasion. The function is over. The servant is shocked to see Saachi with Saurabh. Saachi yells on him for entering her room without knocking the door. Saurabh says I will leave as I don’t want to spoil my mood further. Saurabh leaves. Dadisa asks Ganga to go Mannu’s Naam Karan also. He is named Mahender. Everyone spend their time together and happily.

Everyone come back home. The servant thinks of telling Daddu about Saachi. Saachi comes there and he becomes quiet. Anandi senses something is wrong. Anandi asks the servant what happened, did Saachi tell you anything. The servant says I will have to leave my job. Daddu asks him to share his problem with him, but he does not. The servant tells Anandi that it was his mistake to enter the room without permission. He tells everything to Anandi. He says I don’t know who the guy was. Anandi thinks of knowing about the guy Saurabh.

Anandi asks Payal about any guy who is in Saachi’s life. Payal tells her about Saurabh. Anandi asks her about Saurabh’s whereabouts. Anandi comes to Saurabh and says I need to talk to you alone. Saurabh is playing cards with his friends. He asks everyone to leave. Saurabh asks how do you know me? Anandi confronts him about Saachi. Saurabh says we were just having harmless fun. She says don’t try to take advantage of Saachi else she is ready to fight with him.

Saachi comes to know from Saurabh that Anandi met him. She asks what was the need for all this. Anandi says Saurabh is not a good guy. He will not marry you, so I met him to find out his intentions. Saachi says we both love each other. He is serious about me, you don’t have any right to speak about us. Saurabh says, I think I have wasted so much time on her. I have to complete her story and end the chapter so that I can write new stories. He plans to call her to the party and then play with her feelings.

Saachi comes to meet Saurabh and says sorry for what Anandi told you. Saurabh says I can face anything for you as I love you a lot. Saachi asks will you marry me. He says yes. He asks her to come in his party at night. She says my family won’t allow me to go at night. He says then I cancel my party. Saachi says don’t do this, I will come. They meet at the party. Anandi calls Saachi and hears Saurabh’s voice. She is alarmed. Anandi says that guy is not good. Saachi insults Anandi and ends the call. Saurabh mixes a tablet in Saachi’s drink and asks her to drink it. Saachi drinks it. Saurabh gets closer to Saachi. Anandi leaves from home to bring Saachi back. Saachi starts feeling drowsy. Saurabh brings Saachi to a room and pushes her on the bed. He starts video recording. Anandi comes to the party venue with Payal. Will Anandi be able to save Saachi? Keep reading next week.