Anandi tries bridging Anoop and Alok in Balika Vadhu

Jagya calls the doctor to prove LP Shrivastav, while he manipulates the situation to prove himself innocent. The doctor tells the media that Jagya was well aware that LP Shrivastav will do such a thing and that’s why installed the CCTV camera. He says we have deposited the bribed money in the hospital advancement. He says this DNA report is true and says this report proves that LP Shrivastav is Shakti’s biological father. The media tells that LP’s polical career has ended as he is thrown out of his party. LP Shrivastav apologizes to the media first. He then apologizes to Kusum and says he is ashamed of his doings. He wants to accept her and Shakti with full respect.

Kusum tells him that she wants a good upbringing for her child. She says she can’t forgive him and it is not in her hands to forgive him. She can’t trust him. She refuses to accept his proposal. Anandi says she will make Khichdi for her dad and everyone so that she remains active. Subhadra comes to the kitchen and mixes black pepper powder in it. She thinks I will see until when he will stay here. Anandi comes back and serves the khicdi on the plate. Anandi checks the khichdi and thinks she didn’t add spices in it. She questions Subhadra. Subhadra accepts to have added the spices. Her dad gets unwell and Anandi gets angry on Subhadra.

Subhadra says I added pepper as I thought Anandi already served food to her father. She says I tried to help you and you are blaming me. Anoop says his overseas client have rejected his consignment. Alok says it is very difficult to be successful. Amol tells Anandi that his friend have got a sister. Anandi asks what do you want? Amol says both, sister and brother and asks her to give him siblings. Anoop says I saw the news. Mr. Maheshwari tells him that the idols are stolen as it have demands in UK and USA. He asks him to think about this business. Anoop asks do you wants me to sell stolen things. They argue.

Jagya talks to the parents of the students of Vasant Niketan and says he came to talk about Kusum.. He requests them to give permission to Sona to work in Vasant Niketan again. Ganga tells them that you might have seen on TV that Kusum refused to go with Shrivastav when he offered to accept her. She says Kusum wants to start afresh in other city, but Jagya asks her to work in Vasant Niketan to make her identity. Kusum is thankful to them. Niranjan and Gehna take shelter in a hut after they get drenched in rain water. Niranjan and Gehna recall about their romantic outing and have an eyelock.

Everyone is happy to see them. Dadisaa smiles seeing them together. Niranjan finds his shirt button missing. Gehna sews the button. Niranjan holds her hand and takes her to bed. They consummate their marriage. Anandi goes for checkup. The doctor informs Shiv, Anandi and Meenu that Anandi is carrying twins. They get happy. Anandi reminds Shiv of Amol asking for sister and brother. Anandi tells that Amol’s wish has come true. The doctor says Amol’s wish will be fulfilled. Anandi and Shiv come for a walk. Shiv reminds her of doctor’s instructions. He takes care of her and they have a romantic dinner date.

Shiv brings everyone to his farm house. Shiv asks him to unveil the name plate. Daddu is surprised to see his name Prem Kishore on the name plate. Shiv tells him that Anandi wanted the farm house in his name. Daddu gets happy and emotional and hugs Shiv. He then gives the credit to Khazan ji for Anandi’s good values. Anoop and Alok congratulate Shiv. Shiv tells them that he called the pandit for the puja. He does the puja. Meenu does the kitchen ritual and boils the milk. All the men of the family play cricket. Daddu tells Khazan ji that it is his life’s beautiful and precious gift. Daddu brings boxing gloves for Alok and Anoop. Shiv and Amol does the boxing. Anandi asks Anoop and Alok to play.

Alok realizes Anoop is taunting him and leaves. Anoop gives the gifts of Alok and Ira to Daddu. Daddu tells him that Alok is very happy with his success. Anoop says I don’t think so. Alok and Anoop refuse to play. Daddu motivates them to play. Alok and Anoop play the boxing game. Suddenly Anoop hits Alok while playing and gets concerned for him. He then thinks of the differences and stops the concern. Will Anandi be able to sort their differences and fail Subhadra’s plans? Keep reading.