Anupriya Goenka’s Unprofessional Behaviour Irks Ullu, Producer Pays For Her Non Co-operation

MUMBAI: Actor Anupriya Goenka’s unprofessional behaviour has made her producers Dreamzz Images and Ullu pay dearly in the case of the web series, Panchali, as she refused to allocate a predetermined time for promotional activities for the media, thereby failing the contract clause for Panchali, produced by Ullu.

Panchali, based on an age-old tradition in which multiple men in the house are married to one wife, is a prevalent practice of some areas in India. While one could blame the social and economic reasons for this backward tradition to survive in today’s age and time, Ullu’s Panchali is a very unique story of a very distinct woman. A woman who chose her path on her own decree. Going ahead to commence a peaceful, yet offbeat family household with four husbands and a child is never an easy task. It is often unheard of!

Actor Anupriya Goenka shot to fame with an e-commerce store advertisement where she portrayed a lesbian. It is touted to be the first ever lesbian commercial, following which she went on to star in Padmaavat. Informing Anupriya’s management on the non-release of her payment on the grounds of not promoting Panchali on her social media, an Ullu spokesperson averred, “An actor has to promote a film before the time of release and has to stay put on the promotion till the initial period of the project going online. She has not been supportive to promote this film even for one instance.”

Due to this unprofessional behavior by Anupriya, the OTT platform had to delay Panchali’s release a number of times causing constant rescheduling and postponement.”

Her management had time and again promised on Anupriya’s committment on promoting, but after the third time, Ullu realized its ill-effect on their revenue stream. They sent a letter to the production house and the production house in turn approached CINTAA. After offering to promote the show but not the OTT, which the makers consented to, Anupriya Goenka went back on her words.

Falguni Shah of Dreamzz Images averred, “I being, a producer, have done more than everything which was in my control. But Anupriya Goenka, is not fulfilling her duties as an artiste or as a professional. As this conversation was happening between us and her manager, I even mailed the detailed conversation to Anupriya personally but till date I did not get any revert from her.”

When contacted Amit Behl, Sr. Joint Secretary, CINTAA’s Jt. Dispute Committee, said, “Yes, the producers did come to us. We asked them to approach the association. They did and got in touch with us. We wanted to have a joint meeting of the actor, the producer and the OTT platform CEO, but it is rather unfortunate that Anupriya Goenka has still not given a time for the meeting.”

Producer-Filmmaker-Entrepreneur Vibhu Agarwal and the man behind the Ullu app added, “We waited long for this and then finally released the show. The channel won’t be releasing the part payment for this project to the production house due to the actor’s unprofessional behaviour.”

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