Ayesha and Adhiraj get married; Jasmine obsessed about Nikhil in Gustakh Dil

Barkha and Inder have a talk. He says he is relieved by the burden gone as Nikhil has come home safe and Lajjo has proved her true love to her. Lajjo brings Ayesha to meet Shalini. Shalini says its obvious that you will hate me and my family. Lajjo says no, why will she hate you, your husband did all this, he is responsible, you have helped me riskng your life, you made me run with evidence. She says I could not save Nikhil, you made your husband get arrested, it needs courage to do this. Shalini says she did not have courage but did it. Lajjo thanks her and cries. ajjo says Ayesha loves Adhiraj a lot and they want to marry.

Lajjo says after knowing Adhiraj’s father. Ayesha could not forgive him. Shalini says I can understand, come and sit near me. Lajjo signs Ayesha. Shalini says you will be very good if Adhiraj chose you. Shalini explains Adhiraj’s point of view and gives shagun bangles to Ayesha. Nikhil talks to Barkha being in Akash’s room. He says when I come in this room, I become the 11 year old Nikhil who did not get mum’s love. Barkha says she did injustice with him, but now everything is over. She says she does not have hatred or anger for him now. She says I realized this time that my anger has gone, I love you. She says she felt she is repeating her mistake as she blamed him for Akash and blamed Lajjo for Nikhil.

Lajjo comes home and tells everyone that Ayesha is ready to marry Adhiraj. Everyone get glad and they celebrate Nikhil’s birthday. Jasmine walks in Nikhil’s birthday party and hugs him, shocking everyone. Lajjo gets disturbed seeing Jasmine. Nikhil tthanks Jasmine and tells everyone that she has saved his life. Jasmine apologizes to Lajjo. Adhiraj is shocked seeing Jasmine and thinks of her last time doings in this house. Jasmine smiles and is happy knowing about Adhiraj and Ayesha’s marriage to be happening soon.

Adhiraj warns Lajjo about Jasmine’s obsession for Nikhil. Adhiraj and Ayesha get married legally infront of their family and sign the marriage docs. Nikhil looks for Lajjo in the party. Jasmine comes to Nikhil and shows him Lajjo talking to Sagar and laughing. Nikhil is stunned. Jasmine asks Nikhil will he dance with her. He says yes and they dance. Lajjo turns and sees them dancing. Ayesha’s bidaai is done and she leaves with Adhiraj. Jasmine says I m thinking about Adhiraj’s inlaws, they are good people, I m happy that Adhiraj married Ayesha, they will keep him happy always, I m glad that we got related to Nikhil’s family, now I can go his home anytime with all rights.

She says yes, Ayesha’s family is very nice, Nikhil is lucky to have a wife like Lajjo. Jasmine thinks Nikhil is just mine. She says she is happy for Ayesha as she married the guy she loves. Adhiraj welcomes Ayesha home and she is excited seeing the candles. He asks her to stop and asks her to obey her husband. She says right, Nani and mum also told me. He gets her bag and they argue. She stays out. He says you can’t come like this, it will be grand entry, wait.Adhiraj does all the grah pravesh rituals and asks her to come inside. They both do the Grah Pravesh together and smile. They say they will frame this white cloth with their foot marks. He sees Nikhil’s gift and shows her. They laugh seeing the toothpaste.

Nikhil hugs Lajjo and says Ayesha and Adhiraj will be planning honeymoon and kisses her, Lajjo says we got married one year ago. Nikhil says my life got good after one year, I need a break, then job search. She asks him to continue his studies, he did his loss for her sake. She says everyone say Lajjo did so much for Nikhil, but they don’t say what Nikhil did for Lajjo, what you did, no one would have done that. He makes Nikhil feel happy and holds his hand. They have an eyelock. She says when you will study, then will love and respect get less, no. She says you are everything for me.

He says he is very lucky to get a wife like her, thanks for being there. Jasmine calls Nikhil. He says filling application forms, I will finding a journalism course. She says good idea, and helps him . He says thanks and says he will see the college. Nikhil goes to college and takes admission. Jasmine comes there and says surprise. She says she studies in this college and says that is why she referred her here.