Barkha and Ratri fail to create a rift between Nikhil and Lajjo in Gustakh Dil

Barkha plans Gunjan’s birthday party only for Nikhil. She plans to invite Ratri and get her linked to Nikhil, so that Lajjo gets a good answer from her knowing Nikhil is in love with Ratri. Rancho says Lajjo you love Nikhil so much, miss him a lot every moment, don’t you want to go back to him and stay with him. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil’s words and tells Rancho what she and Nikhil have decided, she can’t make Nikhil leave his family and she can’t be happy being away from family. Nikhil meets the boss. The boss says I want to shift you to my head office. Nikhil agrees. He comes home and brings beautiful diamond earrings for Gunjan. She is very happy seeing it. He tells her that he got promoted. He wishes her happy birthday but she asks him to come in her party.

Sagar sees Mili crying and helps her in glass painting work. Lajjo comes and laughs seeing the horrible painting he made. She asks tell me what is this thing. Lajjo makes a new one with Mili. Sagar smiles seeing them and says I m seeing you are busy with Mili, you have trials today. She says I know, I requested them to give me some time as I promised Mili that I will help her. He asks is Mili’s project important than your career. She says both are important. She thanks him for giving time to Mili. Ayesha meets Adhiraj in jail and tells him that she will free him, as she knows he is innocent and was with her all night when the murder took place.

He says I don’t have time for love, I don’t love you, forget you can win my heart by bailing me out. I have friends who are innocent, I can’t be selfish, can you bail everyone. She asks how much money will it take. He says its murder charge and we are five people, it will take 10 lakhs. Ayesha gets tensed and meets a lawyer. She tells him everything and gives the initial fees of Rs 50000. Ayesha gives her statement to the inspector and he asks her to think again, as she will have to say the same in the court too, as this may be harmful for her and her family’s respect. Ayesha is adamant and frees Adhiraj. Adhiraj gets bailed out.

Barkha bribes Ratri and explains her what to do in the party. The party starts. Ratri comes there and sticks to Nikhil. Nikhil feels it odd and tries to make her away. She spikes his drink and hugs him, posing intimate for the media. The pics get published in the newspapers and Lajjo is shocked seeing it. She cries and talks to Rancho. Rishi and Gunjan are surprised seeing Anjali and hug her. Anjali tells them that Trishna changed her mind asking her to meet them.

Anjali says I will show the pic and takes out her phone. Barkha gets tensed and thinks if Gunjan sees, then everyone will know she is Lajjo. Barkha takes Anjali with her. Lajjo says I did a mistake Rancho. I should have not been away from him. Barkha is happy thinking I know Lajjo saw these pics, Nikhil’s love was her pride and it might have broken now. Nani comes and knowing this, she says I feel bad seeing my daughter falling so low. Barkha does not care and is adamant that she won’t let Lajjo come back home.

Barkha comes to meet Lajjo. Barkha says I came to meet you and to explain you that its time for you to leave form here. She says you came to prove yourself so that you can get to be Nikhil’s wife, you are changing your look and attitude, but I regret that things have changed before you changed, Nikhil has changed for whom you are working hard, he has moved on. Lajjo says her love has become more strong now and she will not go back to Sonbarsa. She will work more hard and will try to become deserving to be called Nikhil’s wife.

Barkha says you can become a star but not our bahu. I promise you I will ruin you. Lajjo comes to Sagar’s home and practices dance. She falls and cries. She thinks about Nikhil dancing with her and encouraging her. She gets strength. Lajjo smiles and thinks she has to become a star and show it to Barkha what she is capable of. What will Lajjo do next? Will Nikhil come to know that Lajjo is Trishna? Keep reading.