Barkha wants Nikhil to divorce Lajjo in Gustakh Dil

This week in Gustakh Dil started with the Holi celebrations at Nikhil’s house and in Lajjo’s village Sonbarsa. Lajjo’s mum hears few villagers gossiping about Lajjo that Nikhil has left her and she has lost her pride, she should not have some back to the village and stayed with him in every condition. Her mum tells them that does Lajjo not have any self esteem, why should she stay with a man who does not value their marriage and who does not love her and don’t give her respect as a wife. Why will Lajjo stay in such a house where no one wants to see her face and wants to get rid of her, does Lajjo not have a life of her own, can’t she live life on her own terms, she is educated and can live a respectable life. Everyone get their mouths shut.

Nikhil gives a good party at his house for the holi event. Ishaana plans it and invites all their friends and their families. Barkha, Nani, Ayesha and Gunjan are a part of it. Rancho, Cobra, Shreya also come and enjoy with their gang. They dance on the song Balam Pichkarri jo tune mujhe maari………… Everyone is very happy. Cobra proposes to Rancho and tells her his feelings for her which he has hidden all the while from her thinking she may reject him. Rancho thinks he is joking and does not take him seriously. Rancho ignores him and everyone laughs on Cobra’s wasted efforts. The party goes on. Nikhil and Ishaana have bhang and dance closely together. Everyone are happy to see them especially Barkha.

Nani applies Barkha color and hides teasing her. Barkha thinks its Inder who is applying color on her. Inder says its not him and Barkha finds Nani hiding. Barkha runs after Nani to color her. The party ends well and at the end Nikhil and Ishaana are together and happy. Lajjo also plays holi with her sisters and parents. She starts missing Nikhil seeing a couple. She imagines Nikhil has come and is playing holi with her. It is a song sequence again and Nikhil and Lajjo are shown happily playing holi. Lajjo then sees Nikhil disappeared and understands it was her imagination. She gets upset and sits thinking. She prays Nikhil always stays happy with Ishaana.

Nikhil drops Ishaana home after the holi party ends. Aditi meets Nikhil and have a talk with him. She talks about Lajjo, that she finally left him and is a good girl who understand that there is no place for her in his life and she left. She tells him that Lajjo came to meet Ishaana before leaving for her village. Nikhil is shocked. Nikhil feels why did Ishaana hide this thing from him, why did she not tell him that Lajjo met her. He goes to talk to Ishaana in her room and asks her the same. Ishaana at first acts innocent, then later she tells him that she was scared of losing him, so she thought it is not required to tell him anything.

She explains Nikhil what he means for her and why she felt insecure because Lajjo is such a good human being. She tells him that Lajjo told her to marry him and always keep him happy. Nikhil is touched by Lajjo’s goodness once again. He gets annoyed with Ishaana and leaves. Ishaana gets worried thinking what might go in Nikhil’s mind now. Barkha gets the courier in which divorce papers comes back as the address on it in wrong. Nikhil comes home and asks them what happened. Barkha and Ayesha tell him that the papers came back because of wrong address. Nikhil gets angry as he wants all this divorce things to end soon. He gets angry seeing it is getting so much delayed for no reason.

He tells them that he will go to Sonbarsa and take Lajjo’s sign in it. Barkha thinks if Nikhil goes again, Lajjo, Baba and her family may influence him again and may fool him in their promises gaining pity for Lajjo and ask him to keep up the marriage, so it is risky and Nikhil should not go. She tells him that she will get the right address and get the papers signed soon. Will Lajjo sign the divorce papers? What is the fate of their marriage? Keep reading.