Bhuvaneshwari wants the rumors of Sreesanth winning Bigg Boss 12 to be true

Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvaneshwari wishes that the rumours spread by the haters of her husband do come true and that he becomes the winner.

The finale is not far away and the competition has risen to great heights. Amidst this, many of Sreesanth’s haters are of the opinion that the game is fixed this year and that Sree will be the winner.

Noticing the insecurities of the fans of the show, Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvaneshwari has mocked them and said that she wishes their statements turn into reality.

She took to Twitter and wrote, ‘Look at the insecurities of this fandom. Pls keep spreading this rumours as I believe in universal energy and by repeating this it might even come true. He didn’t sign for 2 months plus almost more thn half season like others..silence for ur insecurities.’

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