Chakor runs away form haveli; Bhaiya ji beats Bhuvan asking to bring him Chakor in Udaan

Vivaan and Chakor make the Jhulan Chowki and he likes it a lot and asks how did she make it. She says she has used all his toys to make it. He says he did not see such before, where did you learn this. She says from nature. Chakor sees a caged bird and thinks to free it. She thinks what happened last time when she freed the hen and stops. .She comes in Baa’s room and sees Gandhi ji’s pics. She does tilak to Gandhi’s pic. Baa comes and smiles seeing her. Baa says freedom is very sweet, the country is free, but our Aazaadgunj is not free. Chakor says she is Chakor, and she came to call her in aarti.

Chakor says permit me to free that bird, I don’t like tied things. Baa blesses her. Chakor leaves the bird in free air. Tejaswini says Vidya decided not to do business with us, but we can have personal relations. Bhaiya ji says sure, I need Vidya’s signs on some papers, as you are not investing in our business, there is some other party who wants to invest. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what is she doing, loss has happened, why all this now. Tejaswini says Chakor will become Radha. Vidya smiles as Tejaswini hugs Chakor. Vidya gives the business deal to Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji comes to know that they got the deal.

Tejaswini comes and throws Chakor’s food plate. She sends Chakor to the animal house. Girija tells Chakor that her parents kept her Girvi. Chakor is shocked. Vivaan frees Chakor and asks her not to run as dogs are free there. Chakor runs and goes out of the haveli wall. Bhaiya ji catches it again. She is shocked seeing him. Bhaiya ji throws Chakor inside and says she proved the security is loose. Vivaan is shocked. Manohar looks at Vivaan. Tejaswini understands he freed Chakor. Girja tells the maid when will she wash the utensils. She asks her to throw the rest over food. Lakhan comes and says workers came to meet Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji wakes up by the sunlight glare.

He says he was dreaming about his 2000 crores turning into 5000 crores. She asks them to meet them with big heart and they will preach him as Lord. Girja asks Chakor to clean all utensils. Chakor hears workers coming and thinks her dad will also come. Chakor comes there to see if Bhuvan came and Girja holds her hand. Bhaiya ji offers help to the workers and they get glad. Girja says your dad will not come here, as he has left you here forever. She says this haveli is your fate, understand this soon.Chakor cleans all the utensils and thinks to run. Chakor runs away. Girja is shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks who helped her. His men follow Chakor and she runs seeing the dogs. Bhaiya ji is angry as Chakor run away. Laali tells Girja that someone gave food to Chakor. Girja says it means someone from us is helping her in running. Bhaiya asks all servants to come to ask who helped Chakor. Tejaswini says no need to call servants, call our family. He says family? She says there can be snakes in sleeves too. Tejaswini asks where is Vivaan. Manohar shouts Vivvaan and he comes being tensed. Tejaswini says our security is tight.

Ranjana says her trust on Vivaan is strong. Bhaiya ji asks them to shut up. Bhaiya ji says they should not let Chakor reach village. Chakor runs and does not see Bhuvan. Chakor comes home and sees its locked. . Manohar thinks of Bhaiya ji’s words. Manohar thinks Chakor will go her home. He says come with me and leave from the temple. Chakor eats the bananas and hides in a temple. She gets locked there. Manohar says take him. Kasturi asks what happened. anohar says wherever she goes, she will come to her home.

He asks her to bring Chakor to haveli, else take Bhuvan’s dead body. Manohar and Lakhan bring Bhuvan to Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan apologizes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji beats him in anger and he falls. They take away Bhuvan. Kasturi comes to the temple and cries seeing the lock. Chakor is at the other side of the door sleeping and does not hear Kasturi talking to Lord and crying. Kasturi prays to get Chakor, else Bhuvan’s life will be in danger as Bhaiya ji will not spare him. Chakor does not know Bhaiya ji’s power and is unaware that her one step can kill her parents. What will happen now? Keep reading.