Devyaani slaps Neil; Minty plans to use Alka and Rajeev’s affair in Shastri Sisters

Neil has troubled Anushka by stealing her certificates. Devyaani and Anushka are really happy seeing their new college. They go to the admission counter. The man asks for certificates. Anushka panics on not getting her certificates and understands Neil did this. Alka calls Ansuhka and says Peeya is lost. All the sisters go to find Peeya. Even Shastri ji and Sareen look for her. A man helps Peeya but it gets late till he gets her home. Alka’s phone rings and they ask her to check. Its Rajeev’s call and she switches off her phone. Peeya is also trying to call her and is tensed as Alka’s phone is switched off. Shastri ji scolds Alka for being so careless. The man comes to them and drops Peeya.

Everyone thank him for being so kind. Shastri ji tells his daughters that he has decided to send them back to Kanpur tonight as he is worried for their safety and can’t live if anything happens to any of them. The girls say they won’t go, but he insists. Alka says we will go back if Papa wants. Anushka says Papa wants us to be safe, as he is afraid of what happened here. Neil is happy as the girls are going back and they can party again at his house. Minty talks to Dolly and says I m feeling very sad, as if anyone stays with us, we feel bad if they go. Dolly says then stop them. Minty says no its enough now, I love them but they did many mistakes, they are so mannerless. The girls start leaving.

Anushka tells Devyaani that like we stayed without our mum, now we have to be without our dad too. Shastri ji hears this and feels bad. Shastri ji stops them from leaving and all of them hug him. Sareen welcomes them back home. The newspaper comes and Alka gets Rajeev’s chit in it. She is shocked to know he is waiting for her in joggers park. Alka meets him and asks what is he doing, go back. Rajeev is adamant and asks her to come to meet him at his place else he will come to meet her. They meet again. Rajeev holds her and asks her to run away with him to a world of love, where only they can stay.

Alka comes home and lies to everyone. Anushka hides from Sareen that Neil took her certificates to trouble her, but Sareen understands and gets angry on Neil. Devyaani tries to convince the man at the counter to accept her admission form and certificates. Sareen comes there and gives his recommendation letter. The man takes their forms. Sareen says I m sorry for what Neil did. Minty gets suspicious about Alka. Neil rags Anushka and Devyaani in college but gets a good reply from them, where everyone laugh on him. He thinks to take this revenge from Peeya. Minty sees Alka and says where is she going. Rajeev and Alka meet up. Alka talks to him and Minty hears everything.

Neil teases Peeya and she cries going home. She tells this to her sisters. Devyaani says he is such a creep, to take our revenge from him. Anushka asks Peeya not to be afraid. Alka talks to Shastri ji and tells Peeya is studying and Devyaani Anushka went out. Minty sees a shade near her window. Its Rajeev who came to meet Alka. Rajeev says he will have dinner here and he will freshen up. He says your dad has the right on you till he gets married, I want to talk to your dad today. She says I will pack food.

He says I won’t go if you don’t make me have food. She makes him eat by her hands .They get romantic and Minty comes to spot them. Minty asks who is he. Minty says it looks you know him very well, so making him eat by your hands. Alka says no, you are mistaken, I was making bhog for Lord and he came in between. Minty says oh, this is a too much respect. She asks Rajeev who is he. Peeya comes and says Rajeev bhaiya. Minty says oh, bhaiya, he is your brother. Alka says no. Minty asks no? Alka says no, he is known to me. Peeya says he is Rajeev bhaiya, he had a general store in our Kanpur.

Minty taunts Alka and leaves. Sareen scolds and beats Neil knowing they have teased the girls. Neil hears Devyaani laughing and says if I get Peeya, I will not leave her. Neil throws the firecrackers near Peeya and she shouts. Peeya falls and cries. Devyaani slaps Neil twice shocking everyone. Neil fumes in anger. What will he do now? How will Alka marry Rajeev? Keep reading.