Dhara brings Jai home and frees him from Chandrika in Sanskaar

Dhara is bearing Parul’s anger only for her one mistake that she has left Jai to go alone for the official trip and where Jai got kidnapped by Chandrika. Parul is annoyed with Dhara for sleeping in the morning and being so careless. Dipika adds fuel in the fire by speaking against Dhara and making Parul feel that this happened only because of Dhara. Parul blames Dhara for everything and not talking to her acting rude to her. Dhara feels her rudeness and is hurt. Dhara also blames herself for Jai’s state and thinks of punishing herself.

She is about to put hot wax in her eyes, but Ansubaa saves her in the nock of the time. Ansubaa consoles her and asks her to look for Jai, rather than breaking down and punishing herself. Ansubaa encourages Dhara to find Jai and do her duty towards the house well. Dhara gets inspired and searches for clues. Ravi meets Chandrika and talks to her. Dhara hears them talking but Chandrika lies to her that she was alone and talking to the Lord praying for Jai. Ravi keeps the CD in the house and runs. He bumps into Hitesh Kumar and his shirt button falls.

Dhara asks Hitesh everything about how the man bumped into him and asks him to repeat it with Dilip. She searches for the clues and finds a shirt button. She calls inspector Durga and tells her everything about the button and CD. They see the CD. It has Jai getting beaten up by Ravi. Everyone are shocked to see Jai’s state and cries.

Inspector Durga asks Dhara to be wise and keep an eye on everyone at home as the kidnapper is in the house itself. Ansubaa calls Maha Guru ji for help and he sends his pandit. The pandit asks Dhara to do an Anushthaan saying if she does that with pure Shradhha, Jai will be back with them soon. Everyone thinks the Anushthaan is very tough and how can Dhara do it. Parul says Dhara will do it for sure. Dhara also agrees and does the Anushthaan. She gets tired and the pandit asks her to bring a bronze jar. Ansubaa sends Dhara to the outhouse to bring it, where Jai is kept by Ravi. Dhara is unaware and does not see Jai there. It is a hit and miss situation.

Ravi acts clever and sends Dhara out of the outhouse soon. Ravi wants to clear the police guards from the house and sends a colored cloth saying its Jai’s blood, if you all want to see Jai safe, then ask the police not to guard the house. Everyone gets scared and asks Durga to remove the police from the house. Durga agrees. Ravi and Chandrika get happy. Dhara is asked to plant four tulsi plants outside the house. Dhara digs the soil and finds Ravi’s shirt in it which has one button missing. Dhara understands that it was Ravi who kidnapped Jai. Ravi gives Jai the food which is made by Dhara so that he gets more pain thinking he is close to home.

Jai keeps his ring in the food and sends it back. Ketki brings the food back from Ravi. Aarvi and Nanku take it and get Jai’s ring. Aarvi shows the ring to everyone and Dhara says it means Jai is very close to us. Everyone doubt on Ravi and catch him. Ravi is beaten up and asked where is Jai.Chandrika looks on and is worried thinking Ravi will name her. Ansubaa asks Ravi to speak up else she will put hot ghee on his tongue. Ravi does not get scared and plays a game again. He names Hasmukh for all this and behind Jai’s kidnapping. Hasmukh and everyone are shocked.

Hasmukh tries hard to convince Ansubaa that he is not the one who has kidnapped Jai. Ansubaa does not believe him and scolds him for being the one he was before. She reminds him of his bad deeds and his animosity for his own family. Ravi tells everyone that Hasmukh asked him to kidnap Jai and gave him some money. He tells them that Hasmukh did this to get his share in the mill business. Chandrika is happy that she is safe. Dhara believes Hasmukh is innocent. Jai is brought back home by Dhara and everyone. Will Dhara be able to prove Hasmukh innocent? What will be Chandrika’s next move? Keep reading.