Elections drama on, Simran and Lohari have a tiff in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

There is a fight in the show Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai where everyone at home wants to win the elections and become the village head. It is only for females and all the women of the house try to get the position of the female Sarpanch of the village. The villagers come to Tau ji to ask him to give forward a name from his family as his family is most respected and trustworthy. Tau ji first thinks of giving Lohari’s name. But Simran stops him asking him to give Rajo’s name as this can initiate a fight between Rajo and Lohari. Tai ji wants to become the sarpanch for her loyal service to the family and village. She signs Tau ji to give her name for the post.

Tau ji ignores her request and thinks about Simran’s suggestions. The day comes when everyone comes to know Tau ji’s decision and whose name will he give for the post of Sarpanch. Tau ji thinks it is a good chance to break Lohari and Rajo’s unity. He gives Rajo’s name to the Panchayat. This makes Lohari shocked. She thinks she is the senior most and capable of running the village. Rajo is very happy knowing Tau ji knows her abilities and chose her for the respectable post. Lohari confronts Rajo and warns her to take her name back. Rajo does not agree and is flying on high clouds.

Rajveer supports Rajo and is happy that Tau ji’s decision is creating differences between Lohari and Rajo. Simran is glad that her idea worked. Rajveer and Simran secretly meet often and discuss about their future plans. Lohari starts doubting on Rajveer for not supporting her. Lohari gets angry seeing no one is supporting her at home, not even her son and bahu. Rajo makes a mistake in much delight. She meets Lohari and warns her about her act. She tells her that she knows she has killed her father and has given him poison in food. She says my uncle has made the poison and he has told me your truth.

Lohari gets changed hearing this and takes out a knife to keep it on Rajo’s neck. Rajo gets tensed and apologizes for everything. She says she forgot her limits and was flying high. She says she will take her name back from the Sarpanch’s name and will give her a clean chit to stand in the elections and become the sarpanch. Rajo and Lohari unite again. Simran and Rajveer hear their talk and are worried seeing them united again. Rajveer tries to talk to Rajo to convince her to become the sarpanch.

Rajo tells him that she can’t go against Lohari and would not stand in the elections. Tau ji gets in a dilemma knowing that Rajo has backed out. He knows that Lohari might be not well suited for this post. He thinks about Simran and tells the Panchayat that he will choose Simran as the sarpanch as she is the most eligible candidate for it. Simran is taken to the election office and she gives her thumb impressions to stand in the elections. Lohari tells Tau ji that she is the one who will rule in the village. She tells everyone that Simran has to win over her to become the sarpanch.

It is a strong tiff between Simran and Lohari, as always. Lohari asks Rajveer to take his father’s death revenge and do something. Rajveer asks what can he do. Lohari asks him to kill Tau ji, by giving him poison in his food. Rajveer is stunned thinking it is not possible for him to do this. Rajveer agrees with her and informs the same to Simran asking her to find some way out. Simran makes a plan to make Lohari add the poison so that they can bring out her truth infront of everyone. Simran asks Gabru to capture Lohari in camera mixing the poison. But Gabru fails to do so.

Simran stops Tau ji from eating the Kheer and says Lohari has mixed poison in it. Lohari to prove herself innocent eats the Kheer and nothing happens to her. Tau ji gets angry on Simran for lying to him. Rajveer and Simran think of doing something big this time, as the water is going beyond the head. How will Simran save the family from Lohari? Keep reading.