I’m not ready to have a family any time soon: Sukirti Kandpal

Sukirti Kandpal, who is known for the show Dill Mill Gayye, revealed that she has no plans to get married any time soon.

In an interview with TNN, the actress said, “My family members don’t force me at all to get married. I am happily settled without being married. And believe you me, this is the best time for women to do exactly what they want to do. This is the best time to be a woman and be a complete rebel and people are just going to accept it.”

She added, “Also, for women now, marriage is not something they have to rush into to start a family. I don’t think there is a concept of the biological clock ticking now as there are so many medical advancements today. One can easily get her eggs freezed. I am not ready to have a family any time soon and wouldn’t mind freezing my eggs. A lot of my friends have gotten that done.”