Iqbal and Meher consummate their marriage; Iqbal frees Sameer to send back to Meher and Bebe in Nadaan Parindey

Meher tells Bebe that she married Iqbal and now loves him. Bebe asks her to forget Iqbal and think about Sameer. Bebe says this will be for everyone’s good, you think whom you loved. She says get strong and come out of this web. Meher hugs her and cries. Bebe comes to Iqbal and he says he has to get Purab and Mama. He says what his Mama did for her, he opened a Dhaba for her so that she should not beg to anyone. Iqbal says he will manage everything. He says you just take care of Meher, she will be hurt, but there is no way, I will make her hate me a lot, that she will not take my name.

Bebe says tell me the truth, I m your mum, if Meher loves anyone, its not easy to reject her love. Iqbal says no, I don’t love Meher. Meher looks at Sameer and Bebe’s pic and cries. She says its punishment for not loving you, but I love Iqbal, and now this love can hurt me a lot. She says she is not alive and not dead. The chief asks Iqbal to join soon in place of Purab. Bebe comes to Meher and brings her fav food from Dhaba. She sees Meher getting high fever and worries. Bebe says I will call doctor and sees phone not working. Bebe asks Iqbal to call the doctor and he says he won’t and acts rude infront of Meher.

He rushes to get the doctor and asks him not to tell anyone at home that he called him. Bebe sees him and says she can see his love in his eyes. The army chief plans to catch the traitor. Iqbal says don’t worry. The chief says he is taking risk. The chief discusses the main plan with him. He says the task and asks Sameer to execute the shifting of the file, and only they will know it. Iqbal smiles. The chief says we will leak this news that file is shifting and he will come to steal the file, we will catch the traitor. Iqbal asks Bebe to think that he has to go back as his dad is waiting for him there.

Iqbal slaps Meher and she falls. Meher says she was blind to identify him, as he does not respect women. She praises Sameer who gave her a lot of respect, she will know she loved him or not, when he is back, and he came back, a traitor. Bebe says I m losing my son again. Malik calls Iqbal and he says he will give the file. Bebe stops her and says she can’t let him cheat her country. Iqbal says then how will I get Sameer. Bebe says you can’t do this. The chief keeps the file and is thinking to trap Sameer. Iqbal thinks what to do, Purab is against me, are they trying to catch me red handed.

He thinks to be more alert. Iqbal thinks Meher will be alone and he has to go from here as he gets the file in few days, he has to make Meher realize that I m very bad man and she should forget me. He scolds Meher and asks her to give food. he brings food in his room and sees he has already slept. She comes to him ad sits by his side. He caresses his hair and smiles. qbal says Meher, don’t go and she stops. He says forgive me Meher. She comes to him. He says I love you Meher. They spend the night together consummating their marriage. She comes to her room and thinks of those love moments.

She burns the red thread Bebe tied to her hand asking her to safeguard her limits. Bebe goes to meet Iqbal. She sees him sleeping peacefully and cries. He wakes up. qbal scolds Meher and throws the tea she gives. He says your son is very lucky to have a son like you, good to meet you, I spoke to your son yesterday, he said he misses you and Meher a lot, he said if he is alive today so its because of Meher’s love, its strange, I felt Sameer is a coward, but see where her love took him. Iqbal comes to take the file. He takes the pics of the file papers and smiles. He keeps the file back. Iqbal tells Bebe that he is leaving and will send Sameer soon. Bebe breaks down and tells to Meher.

Meher shouts Iqbal and cries. Iqbal says forgive me Meher, its true I love you, but we can’t be together. He says settle down with my brother.Mehtaab and Iqbal come to free Sameer. Sameer asks who is he. Iqbal shows his face to him. Mehtaab says don’t worry. The brothers see each other. Meher sits at the border till morning. Bebe comes to her. Bebe says come home. Meher says no, he will come back. Bebe says no, he won’t come back, he is gone. Iqbal stays in jail and sends Sameer with Mehtaab. What will Meher decide when Sameer is back? Keep reading.

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