Iqbal and Sameer turn out to be Bebe’s twin sons; Purab gets exposed and shot by his father in Nadaan Parindey

Iqbal talks to his dad Mehtaab and tells him everything about his stay and mission. Mangal comes to meet Meher and asks her to come in the engagement of Minty. Meher hugs him. Mehtaab says who is in jail here, he is like Iqbal, if Iqbal is in India, who is here, no its not possible, he said he is not Iqbal, he is Iqbal’s lookalike, whats this game, he is like his twin, is he Iqbal’s twin, Sameer. He comes to meet Sameer in the lockup and tries to talk to him and know his details, as he knows just his name. Mehtaab asks where does he live. Sameer says Pind name.

Mehtaab asks his parents name so that he can help him. Sameer says my full name is Sameer Singh Atwal, Mum’s name is Balvir Kaur. Mehtaab is shocked. Iqbal is angry and tells Bebe that he is going to Dargah. Iqbal says he wants to get rid of forced relations, so he is going away from home now. He gets Mehtaab’s call. Iqbal says I m staying at Balvir Kaur’s house, whom you met in jail is her son Sameer, my look alike. Mehtaab tells Iqbal that Sameer Atwal is his twin brother and you are not at your mum’s place, Balvir Kaur. Iqbal is shocked knowing this truth. Mehtaab says Balvir is my wife.

He tells him everything. Iqbal says you are telling me this now, so late. Mehtaab says your mum is alive, ask her will she forget her other son. Iqbal thinks about Mehtaab’s words and cries. He says he has raised hand on his mum. He says he has hurt Bebe a lot and gave her many wounds. He says dad asked me a promise, I will fulfill it. He says I will respect my dad and Bebe, what about Meher, I did not have any right on her, how to tell her what sin I was doing. He realized his every mistake. Bebe wakes up from sleep, and sees Iqbal sitting near her feet. Iqbal says I came to give you everything back, I will bring your son back.

She pushes him and hurts him. She asks what will he have in return, tell me your big plan, threaten me again. She says I will not let you cheat my country, I can sacrifice my son. Purab is shocked. Iqbal asks do you remember the bullet shot in war Veer ji. Iqbal brings him in anger and makes Purab say that he hates him and that’s why he shot Sameer. Mama comes and hearing this, scolds Purab and shoots Purab. Bebe asks what happened, what did you do. She asks Iqbal to take Purab to hospital fast. They bring Purab to the hospital. The doctor treats him. Mama thinks about Purab’s words.

The police comes and asks him to come to police station. Bebe says don’t know, why will Purab shoot his brother, everyone was happy, it all ruined because of you, why did you come here, to ruin our happiness, my son is there trapped in between enemies, and here another son is critical and my brother is in jail, all because of you. Mehtaab shows Sameer his childhood pics and articles. Sameer is shocked and says you are my Bau ji. Iqbal says he can’t hide anything, as he is ruining her life and Minty’s life.

He says Purab has shot me in war, I can’t hide this that he left me to die and so I went in enemies’ clutches. He says he made me get into army, as I loved you. Meher is shocked. Minty is angry and says she will still marry Purab, as she knows they both are lying. Bebe beats Iqbal and asks him to stop it. Iqbal calls his dad and asks him to talk to Mehtaab. Mehtaab talks to Bebe. Bebe is shocked. The son whom I took is with you, I will bring Sameer. Sameer is with me, talk to him. Sameer says yes Bebe, I m here, don’t worry, we are coming to you soon.

Bebe cries and says Sameer. Sameer says I m your Sameer Bebe. He says the one with you is my twin brother Ameer. Bebe is shocked. Iqbal looks at her and smiles. Bebe and Iqbal cry looking at each other. Iqbal says Daljeet Singh Atwal is my dad Mehtaab Khan. He says I m your son Ameer. Iqbal hugs Bebe. She holds him crying. She faints. Iqbal worries for her.

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