Iqbal slowly accepting Bebe’s motherly love and overwhelmed in Nadaan Parindey

Sameer/Iqbal is trying to get long well with Meher so that no questions be raised on his memory. Purab thinks to find out he is Sameer or not, what did Sameer mean by his words, did he taunt him to remind him that he has shot him. Purab thinks how to find it now. Just then, Channi comes to take his clothes for washing. She shows him some tough stains and says even after washing, they won’t go and will always stay. Purab gets the idea to check the bullet mark on Sameer to find out he is the real Sameer or not.

Meher and Sameer get into a very often fight which Bebe tries to stop. Meher puts waster on him to wake him up and he says Lahal Wala quwwat, which is known only to Muslims. Meher does not understand it and Sameer thinks to be careful next time. He changes clothes and Purab keeps an eye on him to see the bullet mark on his chest, but Sameer turns and Purab does not see it. Meher’s siblings come to meet Sameer and Balli challenges him to lift the jeep. SSameer does it and everyone is just shocked seeing his strength. Purab comes to meet Sameer Purab says lets do pushups and lets see who does more.

Purab takes off his tshirt. He starts and asks Sameer to remove his jacket. Sameer does so and turns to face Purab. Purab is shocked seeing the bullet mark on his chest. Purab asks about the bullet mark. Sameer thinks he shot himself to make the mark. Purab asks when did this happen. Sameer says you are asking as if you don’t know. Purab says how will I know. Sameer says I got hurt in war. Purab thinks he lost partial memory, no need to worry now, I m safe.Sameer says you did a bog favor which I can never repay. Purab says you got emotional, I can die for you. Sameer says so I can ask for your life anytime right. Purab is shocked and smiles. Meher gets ready as its her birthday.

She thinks Sameer used to wish her first and also give her gift every year, but this time Sameer does not wish her as he does not know about it. Bebe wishes Meher and gives her beautiful earrings. Meher wears it and thanks her. She tells Bebe that Sameer did not wish her, how can he forget her birthday. Bebe tells her that may be he is planning a surprise for her, he can’t forget, so she needs to be patient. Purab wishes Meher and gifts her, but she keeps it thinking about Sameer. Purab fumes in anger. Meher tells Minty about this. Minty and the gang goes to remind Sameer. Sameer/Iqbal does not know this. He thinks he is forgetting something and asks Malik. He comes to know about Meher’s birthday and thinks he has to make her happy else it will be problem for him.

He takes Meher and everyone to the amusement park for the surprise and wishes Meher happy birthday. Meher gets much happy. Sameer makes everyone very happy and they have good moments there. Sameer challenges Meher to sit with him in giant wheel and not scream. She agrees and digs her nails in his hand holding him tight. She later on sees the nail marks and feels sorry. Sameer takes them to a gift stall where they can win the gifts by shooting at the balloons. He shoots well and wins many gifts for everyone. Sameer says I cheated, as I did not tell you I m an army man and pays money to the man. The man praises him. Meher sees this change in Sameer and likes him even more.

They go to a pandit stall who tells about their lives and future. The pandit sees Meher’s hand and says your marriage stopped else your life would have been ruined, the one who loves you is very far from you. Meehr says wrong, the one who loves me is with me. The pandit asks Sameer does he really love Meher. Everyone ask Sameer to show his hand but he does not being scared of the pandit who is saying everything right. The pandit says you were away from a mum’s love. Meher says you are wrong, he did get his mum’s love, that too plenty. Sameer thinks of his childhood and says I did not get my mum’s love.

Everyone is shocked and thinks he is joking. Sameer gets angry on Meher and scolds her very badly. She comes and Bebe and complains about Sameer. Bebe comes to talk to Sameer and asks him to forget his bitter past. She says if a person thinks he has not seen the worst, then every pain will end. I have always loved you a lot, every mum can die for a son like you, and even if I did not give you birth, even then I would have loved you, forget it. She hugs him and Sameer too starts loving her as a son accepting her in his mum’s place. Sameer works well at the Dhaba.

He gets Malik’s call asking him to focus on mission. Sameer says Iqbal will do as you say and I will work on mission now. Meher comes and asks what mission. Sameer lies to her saying its about his army work. Meher goes to deposit the fund at army office. Bebe comes to know this and asks Sameer to help Meher, as that route is very bad and Meher can land in problem. Sameer goes to find Meher. Will Iqbal/ new Sameer fall in love with Meher? Keep reading.

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