Ishwar and Chakor get trapped by Bhaiya ji in Udaan

Chakor tells Arjun that she wants to meet Bhuvan and then she will practice running as long as he says. Arjun calls Abha to know about Bhuvan. Abha says he went to school. Arjun thinks the guards might have stopped him, and goes to bring him. Arjun comes and asks is he Chakor’s dad. The guard says he wants to go inside. Bhuvan says I m Chakor’s dad and want to meet her. Arjun says come with me. Bhuvan comes to Chakor. She runs seeing him and hugs her. She shows her school and says its so big and good. He tells her about Imli’s state in haveli and the truth about Bandhua stamp. Chakor is shocked.

He asks her to run fast and then they have to catch Sitapur bus. Chakor agrees to do anything to save Imli. Chakor runs really fast. Arjun says yes, I knew it, you can do anything, you finished lap within 13 seconds, and lifts her. He says he wishes to hug her as a medal, she is god gifted. She tells Bhuvan that if she runs like this, then no one can stop her. Arjun hugs her and says now he knows what is it to make dream fulfilled. Arjun calls Abha and Ishwar and gives this good news. Chakor leaves with Bhuvan. Tejaswini tells Baa if Chakor does not come back, then Imli will become Bandhua. Chakor and Bhuvan run from school.

Chakor says she is worried about Imli. Ishwar comes to know Chakor is not in school. He comes to know by driver that Bhuvan ask asking about Sitapur bus. He gets tensed and says Bhuvan is taking Chakor back. Prabhakar says he told this to Bhuvan. Ishwar tells Abha that Chakor did not come home, as we would not permit her to do, so he has taken Bhuvan and run. Imli thinks of Tejaswini’s words and takes the tattoo machine to make the stamp on her hand. Abha and Ishwar reach the bus stop and asks about Sitapur bus. Ishwar and Abha ask about Chakor and give her description of school uniform. Chakor changes her uniform and wears a frock. Ishwar waits a lot and then sees Chakor.

He says he can’t let her go back to that hell. Chakor says she has to go to save Imli. Chakor asks Bhuvan to come fast as they can’t miss the bus. Ishwar stops her. She wipes his tears and says we all have this bandhua stamp, my family and Imli is left out, atleast she can be free. Bhuvan cries and nods yes. Chakor smiles. Ishwar cries too. Chakor says you feel Bhaiya ji can break me, no this won’t happen. She smiles and makes them smile. Ishwar wipes his tears and says I m sure that no one can break you, you know a lot now, you studied and became smart, no one can touch you now. Ishwar says I m not afraid of Bhaiya ji, but Chakor will have to become an example for every bonded labor.

Chakor says Imli will die, you don’t know her, she can’t stay without Maai for two hours, don’t know how she is staying there and showed courage asking me not to come, but I have to go there. Ishwar and Abha take Chakor and Bbhuvan to Aazaadgunj. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to tell everyone that Imli is getting Bandhua stamp today. Chakor asks Ishwar to let her go as she can’t let Imli become a bandhua. Tejaswini scares Imli about the pain of tattoo machine and Imli cries. Imli wakes up and sees her hand. She recalls Tejaswini’s words. Baa asks Imli not to go out. Imli asks did the time come for me to become Bandhua.

Tejaswini comes and drags her outside. Kasturi comes and stops Tejaswini, pleading her to leave Imli. Arjun calls ishwar’s home to know about Chakor. Prabhakar says she won’t come now. Arjun is shocked. Prabhakar says she has gone back to Aazaadgunj with her dad, you find some other talent and work on it, and see fate before seeing running speed, as fate can be a bonded life. The car reaches Bhaiya ji’s haveli. Chakor runs inside. She shouts Imli. Imli says she missed her a lot. Chakor sees her hands and is relieved that the stamp is not made. She smiles. Kasturi hugs Chakor. Kasturi asks Chakor to go away, and she will save Imli. She asks Imli to say Chakor that they will manage everything. Imli says yes, and asks Chakor to leave. Chakor asks Kasturi to talk to her and asks Imli to play.

Ishwar says Chakor has come here by her wish, else they would have never got them against her wish. Bhaiya ji asks his goons to kill Ishwar. Abha gets tensed. The inspector says Bhaiya ji that its legal crime to aim gun at a govt officer, what are you doing. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji is just joking. She asks him to check rifles. The rifles are empty. Bhaiya ji asks inspector why did you come here. He says Ishwar has legal protection from Lucknow police. Ishwar says like I got Chakor here, one day I will take her and free all your bonded labors. He says this is not my warning, this is my promise to you. Ishwar leaves and is stopped outside Aazaadgunj. he inspector arrests Ishwar and says we have kidnap case against you, Chakor’s kidnap case is filed by her parents. Ishwar is shocked. Bhaiya ji smiles seeing Ishwar. Meanwhile, Chakor is also caged and chained. How will Ishwar free Chakor now? Keep reading.