Jai and Dhara to go Mumbai in Colors Show – Sanskaar

Last week, the story unfolded some really cute moments between Jai and Dhara. Their relationship went through many ups and downs where Jai did not agree to accept her as his wife, nevertheless, she sticked to him like his shadow. Maha Guruji predicted that Jai is under risk period for seven months and Dhara has to become his protective shield. Dhara happily agreed to this as she respects Jai and values him as her Lord. She has love hidden in her heart for him, but Jai on the other hand, does not believe in Lord and Maha Guru ji’s prediction.

She cares for him to the extent that she is really ready to take up any danger that comes in Jai’s life. Jai and Dhara try to be away but the situation always brings them closer. There are many instances when Jai feels like making Dhara go out of his life, but Lord always brings them closer and makes them inseparable. Dipika, Jiten’s daughter and Ketki’s cousin is madly in love with Jai and does not want to lose him at any cost. Jai has no feelings for her, but respects her as a good friend.

Dipika is at logger heads with Dhara and does not leave any chance to show her down and is well supported by Ketki. Jiten is aware of his daughter’s mental illness but makes her more vulnerable by supporting her wrong intentions. Ketki has not seen Dipika’s true side and does not know her mental illness. Dipika appears normal infront of the whole family and acts sweet.

The show recently shot its Makar Sankranti episodes and had some scenes of kite flying. Dipika sees Dhara and Jai together and gets angry. She pushes Dhara thus hurting her. Everyone are shocked seeing Dipika’s anger. Even Dhara wonders seeing this avatar of Dipika for the first time. Jai could not believe his eyes as the sweet Dipika he knew has turned into a fuming one.

Other twist in the show is Chandrika. She is known for her evil intentions against the Vaishnav family. She was knocked down by Jai’s car and has turned blind. God knows she is fooling everyone or has really lost her eye sight. Hasmukh doubts on her and thinks she is playing a game again. Ansubaa agrees to let her stay in their house as she does not wish to hurt Jai’s feelings. Chandrika gets everyone’s support in Vaishnav house and is really on cloud nine. The coming episodes will show has Chandrika really changed or is about to throw her new cards.

Jai and Dhara are sharing their room but with partitions made in between them. Jai does not want to regard her and give her the rights of a wife, though he calls her his wife infront of everyone many times. This amazes Parul which expects them to come closer soon and have a strong bond which lasts long even after the period of seven months. She prays that the Lord gives such strength to Dipika that she accepts the fact that jai has accepted Dhara as his wife and loves her. Dipika is waiting for the seven months to end so that she can marry Jai and fulfill her dreams.

The coming episodes will show some good romantic scenes between Jai and Dhara where they try to part but the fate brings them more closer. They will be going to Mumbai and be together. Jai will be seen supporting his wife infront of everyone. This will shock Dipika and Ketki. Ketki will be annoyed and will hatch another plot against Dhara. Ketki wants to show down Dhara her identity and taunt her calling her a maid. Dhara will be shown becoming more strong and holding her status in the house as the Bahurani of Vaishnav family.

The coming week will be bringing some good drama and will be a must watch for Sanskaar fans. Watch out for Dhara and her struggle to be accepted by Jai. The journey will be beautiful and will definitely have the viewers hooked. Will Ketki be able to drift away Dhara from Jai’s life? Will Dipika succeed in her goal to get Jai? What is Chandrika upto? Will Ansubaa’s happy home be saved from all misfortunes? Will Jai fall in love with Dhara? Stay tuned to get the answers and watch this space next week for more updates.