Jai and Dhara united, Chandrika plotting to Kill Jai in Sanskaar

We have seen how Jai and Dhara were coming closer to each other in their months of marriage. Dipika is dreaming of getting married to Jai. Dipika feels that Jai is getting closer to Dhara post their Mumbai honeymoon trip. She thinks she may lose Jai if she does not do anything about Dhara soon. She plans against Dhara and insults her when they are alone. Jai is unaware of Dipika’s truth and regards her as his friend. Dipika does not have real love for Jai, its only her wish to marry him regardless of true love. She does not want to lose to Dhara.

Ketki supports Dipika. Dipika is the one who is evil but appears sweet to the family. Chandrika on the other hand is a much greater vamp. The last week has shown how Hasmukh fell in his own eyes by making Chandrika fall off the railing at their house. He wanted to check Chandrika whether she is really blind or acting. While the family is convinced that Chandrika is not acting and has really become blind, the truth is Chandrika is playing a game with everyone and wants to ruin Ansubaa’s family.

Chandrika uses Dipika to ignite the fire in the Vaishnav family. Dipika is mad about Jai. This week, one more entry in the show is Avni and her husband Hitesh. Avni is Lily’s daughter. Lily is much worried about Avni and calls her home. Avni comes with Hitesh to the house and Hitesh is amazed to see how rich they are. Hitesh plans to ease out money from the family thinking it is his right on the property. Chandrika makes Hitesh realize that Avni has a share in the property and what’s her is his. Hitesh is happy and acts sweet with the family. While Avni knows Hitesh’s reality, she does not want to tell it to anyone as it may increase their worries about her.

Dipika thinks she has to do something soon to win Jai. She plans to spend a night with Jai in a hotel suite. It is her birthday and she requests Jai to have dinner with her and that too he must be without Dhara. Jai at last agrees as she insists again and again. Jai and Dipika reach the hotel and have dinner. Parul sends Dhara after them as she thinks Dhara is Jai’s protective shield. Dhara reaches the hotel and finds Jai with Dipika. Dipika mixes something in Jai’s drink and he faints. Dipika takes him to the hotel room. Dhara is shocked and follows them.

Dipika gets closer to Jai. She gets a call from her dad Jiten who asks her to come and meet him as he has come to wish her happy birthday. She goes to meet him. Dhara sees her leaving and goes to see Jai in the room. Jai is not in his senses and draws Dhara closer. He thinks its Dipika as he is unable to see the face clearly. Dhara stops him from breaking his limits, but even she gets flowed in his love and they spend the night together. Dipika returns to her room but Dhara leaves hiding from her. Dipika realizes that Dhara was there in the room as she gets her bangles broken on the bed. Dhara thinks she has cheated and broken Dipika’s trust and promise.

Dipika lies to Jai that it was her with whom he slept. Jai starts feeling guilty and apologizes to Dipika. Dipika wants to make him feel burdened by his act. She makes sure Jai does not tell her no for their marriage. Jai thinks about the drink he had, which spoiled his senses. Dipika asks him not to doubt on her and emotionally blackmails him by showing she is about to commit suicide. Jai starts caring for her though he decides not to break his marriage with Dhara. Jai is in dilemma what to do and thinking about Dipika’s future after that night.

Dipika tells Dhara that Jai loved you thinking its me. Dhara is upset hearing this and recalls that night. Dhara starts maintaining distance from Jai. Jai is hurt seeing a curtain in between him and Dhara. Chandrika is plotting to kill Jai as he is leaving for Ahmedabad. Dhara hears Chandrika talking and asks her what is she talking. Chandrika lies to Dhara. Will Dhara be able to save Jai this time? Will Jai and Dhara’s seven month marriage stay for lifetime? What will Dipika do? Keep reading.