Jai getting married to Dipika; Dhara signs the divorce papers in Sanskaar

Ansubaa asks Dhara to sign the divorce papers. Dipika brings Dhara to her dad and Jiten tells Dhara that after signing the divorce papers, she will not be related to Jai, she will be no longer his wife and will have no right on him. He tells them what divorce is as she is illiterate. Dhara understands what he means. He asks are you ready to sign the papers now. Dhara agrees and signs on the divorce papers. Jai also signs on them. Jiten says he will do the next formalities. Dhara leaves and goes to her room. She thinks about Jai and the time spent with him.

She has his beautiful and lovely memories in her heart and she thinks how she got married to him, how she came in the Vaishnav family, how she fell in love with him. She thinks of the Mumbai trip which was like their honeymoon. She cries seeing the arrangements done for Jai and Dipika’s marriage. Jiten asks Ansubaa to make sure that the marriage rocks. He says its Dipika’s first marriage and she has some dreams to call her relatives and friends. Ansubaa agrees. Jiten says I want the best DJ for the marriage.

Hitesh says he will arrange everything and takes money from Jiten. Jiten trusts him, but Hitesh does cheap arrangements and takes extra money from him, thus cheating him. Jai sees Dhara crying standing far and feels bad for her. Dhara and Jai sense each other’s presence and imagine their togetherness. The song tune jo na kaha mai wo sunta raha………plays……….. Jai comes to talk to Dhara and asks him to forget him, their family and every moment spent in the house. Dhara asks how. Jai says you have to forget in one night, as you love someone else and he is very lucky to get your love, move on in life and forget us.

Dhara says she can’t forget this family as she got love by them. Jai asks Dhara to tell his the name of the guy she loves and he will help her marry him. Dhara tells him that his name is Kishan, looking at Kishan ji’s idol. Jai gets hurt losing Dhara to someone else and compromising with his happiness by marrying Dipika. Jiten asks Dhara to attend the guests and serve them cold drinks and snacks. He treats her as a maid. The guests who are Dipika’s relatives taunt Dhara and Jai hears it. It makes him angry and Jai scolds the guests for taunting Dhara. He says she is still my wife and he can’t bear his insult. He protects Dhara and this annoys Jiten. Jiten asks Jai to apologize to his guests and end the matter. Jai apologizes and leaves.

Dhara asks him why did he do this. Jai tells her that he will always keep her respect. Dhara gets the bad dreams again and the juice falls on the guest. Ketki taunts her a lot and insults her infront of everyone. Jai protects her again and asks Ketki to respect Dhara. Avni comes to know that Hitesh is doing fraud with Jiten. She tells him that she will tell everyone but he threatens her. Dhara gets scared of her bad dreams and thinks of the meaning behind them. She does not understand. She hears the wind chimes and thinks that she saw them in her dream and also gets some clues that replicate her dreams.

She senses something wrong is going to happen with Jai and asks him to be cautious and be with her all the time, as seven months did not complete till now. Jai tells her that he will always be with her. Dipika’s mahendi starts and Ketki asks Dhara to write Jai’s name on her hands. Dipika smiles enjoying Dhara’s sadness. Ketki taunts Dhara and asks her to behave well with her guests and do as she says. Dhara writes Jai’s name on Dipika’s hand but her hand hits Dipika’s hand as Aarvi falls on her and Dipika’s mahendi gets spoiled and Jai’s name comes on Dhara’s hand. Dhara is shocked and tries to understand what does Kishan ji wants to tell her.

Jai sees his name on Dhara’s hand and tells her that Kishan will feel bad seeing this. He erases his name from her hands and asks her to think only about her love. Murli meets Dhara while she was going to the temple and tells her that he can help her identify the meaning of her dreams. He asks her to be with Jai all the time. Will Dhara be able to save Jai? Keep reading.