Jasleen Matharu’s father reacts to her relationship with Anup Jalota

MUMBAI : Bigg Boss 12 contestants Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota’s relationship has already caused a lot of outrage and shock. Not only fans but also her parents were shocked to hear about it. They were clueless about the relationship and are rather embarrassed about it. Jasleen’s father spoke to a leading media portal and said that he will wait to speak to Jasleen about it. He further said that if it’s true, he will keep a distance from them.

Jasleen’s father also stated that he had no clue about this and he was told that they were entering as guru and shishya jodi. When they made the announcement, the entire family was shocked. Within ten minutes, he began to get calls from relatives and friends.

In fact, it was Jasleen’s father who had introduced her to Anup so that she could learn more about music. When asked if he would accept their relationship, he quickly said they would never get his blessings, but he would ask his daughter why she did this.

He also said that some of his relatives and friends told him that they shouldn’t have allowed his daughter to enter the house, while someone else told him if it was their daughter, they would have killed her. Jasleen’s father said he doesn’t believe in taking such drastic steps, and if his daughter has made a mistake, then she should be ready to face the repercussions also and he can’t do anything about it.

That was quite a strong reaction. Now, we have to see how Jasleen and Anup handle their relationship in the house.