Kabir to turn buttawala in Ishq Subhan Allah

MUMBAI: Ending a high-voltage, intense and dark track, Ishq Subhan Allah (Creative Eye Limited) is all set to entertain the audiences with light and fun scenes highlighting the sweet chemistry of its lead pair Kabir and Zara (Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh respectively).

Recently, viewers witnessed Kabir and Zara being freed from the clutches of Miraj. Now, the makers will highlight the bond between Kabir and Zara. Many romantic sequences are planned to ensure that audiences can revel in Kabir and Zara’s interesting love story.

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In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Kabir, Zara, Imran (Ashutosh Semwal), and Reema (Rutpanna Aishwarya) are all set to visit a resort. On the way, they stop to enjoy butta. Kabir turns into a buttawala and prepares butta for Zara, Reema, and Imran.

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