Karan Kundra will NEVER be part of Bigg Boss, reveals Vikas Gupta

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 12 is around the corner, and the speculation around the participants is at its peak. The names floating around in the media have everyone in a frenzy.

Well, although not all of the rumoured names have been confirmed, one person to have been asked about the contestants the most is Vikas Gupta. The ex-Bigg Boss participant was called the mastermind in the show for many reasons, one of them being his foresight. Recently, at good friend Atmika Tiwari’s birthday, Vikas Gupta exclusively interacted with TellyChakkar.

No interviews would be complete without Vikas being interrogated about his wish list of participants for the upcoming season. When we asked who amongst his friends should go inside the house, he quickly quips, ‘Karan Kundra!’

However, he also revealed that Karan wouldn’t ever be able to do Bigg Boss. He further adds, ‘But he won’t go. Because then people will get hit and he will be out of the house. Karan won’t be able to control himself, while Bigg Boss has rules that you can’t be physically violent.’

Vikas, who was the runner up of the 11th season of the Colors’ flagship series, has been good friends with Karan since a long time.

‘I would have loved to see Karan Kundra in Bigg Boss for sure. But I think that is not going to happen. Apart from that, a lot of people are there who should go and should not. My favorite would be Karan,’ he concludes.

Well, we can totally imagine the fireworks in the show if Karan does enter. It seems unlikely to happen though.

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