Kushan accidentally shoots Bobby in Laut Aao Trisha

Meghan thinks about Dr. Aditya. She reaches Trisha’s room and sees Aditya and her chatting. She gifts Trisha a watch. She likes it and shows it to Dr. Aditya. Kabeer fixes a blank pic and thinks who must be the other shooter. He says Abhay that he thought always only Swaika family is involved, but someone else is also involved, he has to catch Kushan now to find out the secret. Kushan is scared that Trisha can take his name. He goes to kill her, and talks to her. He realizes she does not remember anything and leaves. Lavanya looks at CEO seat and reminisces Pratik’s words that their papa was not trusting her, so he gave CEO position to him and then reminisces him making her CEO.

Pratik comes there and talks to her. She says he cannot deny that she worked hard for Swaika industry’s growth, says she helped him when he was CEO, now she wants him to help her and work as before. Amrita comes back home after pilgrimage. Trisha gets happy and asks how was her pilgrimage. She says it was very good and feeds her modak prasad. Trisha says she liked it a lot and says she went through all the kidnapping and torture just with he hope of her love. Trisha says nothing will happen to her. Lavanya comes home and asks Kushan what happened at Trisha’s house. He tells that she does not remember his face, he tried to kill her but stopped.

Abhay informs Kabeer that neither of two bullets is from Swaika’s guns. Kabeer says they may have used unlicensed gun, recalls all the events and realizes that Kushan is the kidnapper, he has to find why he kidnapped her. Dr. Aditya comes home and sees Trisha upset. He asks Amrita why Trisha is upset. Amrita says cable is not coming. Cableman checks and says cable wire is cut. Trisha reminisces cutting cable wire when she was kidnapped and starts panicking. Amrita consoles her. Pratik says Kabeer he should stop suspecting Neha and do his work properly. Amrita asks Pratik why is he taking Neha’s side.

Kabeer says Neha is involved and asks about Trisha. Amrita says she is fine and got afraid seeing cable wire cut. Trisha reaches coffee shop with Meghan, Amrita and Aditya. Neha sees news about police searching Trisha’s kidnappers, gets panicked and thinks to leave the city. Trisha gets an SMS that if she wants to know who tried to kill her, then she should come at the given address. Kushan calls Trisha at a secluded building and points gun at her. Kabeer reaches the spot and shouts Trisha. Kushan gets into his car and leaves. Kabeer scolds Trisha that her mom is worried about her. She says her mom’s safety brought her here and as he said, she would have informed someone and apologizes him.

Pratik shouts at Armita where is Kabeer, he promised to bring Trisha, they should leave for mud island and stop waiting for him. Amrita says she is just waiting for Trisha and it was Kabeer who brought Trisha and even today he will bring her. Trisha comes with Kabeer and they get happy seeing her. Neha tells Kabeer that Kushan is the mastermind. Bobby asks Kushan how can he kidnap Trisha. Kabeer switches on tape recorder and records Neha’s statement who tells that she did all this for Kushan and he is the kidnapper. She says to plant evidences against Pratik, Kushan gave her 20 lakhs and even she is having an affair with Pratik for his money and power and not love.

He says he knows and asks her to elaborate what role she had with Kushan. She tells their last meeting and says she only was dealing with Kushan and does not know anything. Kabeer asks Abhay to issue arrest warrant against Kushan. Bobby hears whole conversation and asks why did he try to kidnap and kill Trisha, how cannot believe his dad is criminal and his mom helped his dad, says he is ashamed that he is their son. He says if Meghan will know about it, what will she feel and what will Amrita feel. Lavanya tries to console him. He asks her not to touch as she is a criminal and he will tell police everything.

Kushan tries to kill himself. Bobby and Lavanya tries to stop him and bullet hits Bobby. Lavanya panicks and runs to call ambulance. Kushan is shocked and keeps Bobby[‘s head in his lap. Lavanya shouts that he killed Bobby. Kabeer and Abhay reach there and are also shocked to see that. Kabeer picks gun and checks Bobby’s pulse and pronounces him dead. Kabeer informs Amrita about Kushan killing Bobby. What will Pratik do on finding this? Keep reading.