Lajjo and Nikhil consummate their marriage in Gustakh Dil

Nikhil wants to spend much time with Lajjo as they are in the period of courtship despite being husband and wife. Nikhil’s heart is boozing romance as of now. Lajjo asks him to leave her and go as if anyone sees them like this, they will inform her mum. Nikhil tells her that he will talk to her mum. Lajjo says I m going to the clinic as I have work and leaves. Nikhil goes after her. They get locked in the clinic and Nikhil gets romantic. He opens her hair and they have an eyelock. He is about to kiss her but Bansi and Putti knocks the door and Nikhil stops.

They tease Nikhil and Lajjo for being in the clinic so late. Lajjo scolds Bansi for locking them without checking who is inside. Lajjo goes home. Putti comes to her running and tells her that she saw Nikhil leaving from the village. Lajjo is shocked and runs to stop Nikhil. Lajjo’s parents talk to Nikhil grandpa Baba and he convinces them to trust Nikhil this time as he is following his heart and it can never make him go wrong. Baba tells them that Nikhil will take good care Lajjo and should be given a chance.

Lajjo’s parents agree to send Lajjo to their house as Nikhil’s bride. Lajjo meets at her parents on the way and scolds her mum thinking she might have told something to Nikhil, to which he got annoyed and left her for lifetime. Lajjo’s parents laughs and tells her that Nikhil did not go anywhere and is waiting for his bride tonight. Lajjo is very happy and hugs her mum. They bring her home and make her dress in her bridal clothes. Lajjo looks very beautiful.

Lajjo comes to Baba’s house and Nikhil and Anu are happy seeing her. Baba gets emotional seeing her in bridal dress. Nikhil can’t stop staring at her in love. Lajjo is made to do the Grah Pravesh as Nikhil’s bride. Lajjo is taken to the room and Nikhil comes to her. They get romantic. He removes her jewellery and assures her of his infinite love. Lajjo is very happy and gives herself to him. Nikhil and Lajjo kiss and then they spend the night together consummating their marriage. Barkha thinks Baba is trapping Nikhil again and making him stick to Lajjo.

She tells Inder that she will go to Sonbarsa and taunt Baba and Anu for using Nikhil. She faints. Inder and Nani are shocked. The doctor comes to see Barkha and tells her BP is very high. He asks her to take bed rest. Inder and Nani take good care of Barkha, but she keeps thinking to save Nikhil from Lajjo. She leaves for Sonbarsa without informing everyone. Next day, Inder sees Barkha not at home and Chaya informs him that Barkha went to Sonbarsa. Inder is shocked and worried about her health. He calls her and she tells him she is fine and their son needs her. She tells him that she will bring Nikhil back with her and will accept Lajjo as her bahu.

Nikhil and Lajjo go to a field and take the marital vows again with each other. Lajjo promises him that she will stand before him if any problem comes to him. Nikhil promises her that he will never leave her and keep all the duties of a husband. Barkha promises that she will never let Nikhil and Lajjo unite. She comes to Baba’s house and gets angry seeing Lajjo there. Baba tells her that Nikhil loves Lajjo and they have accepted each other as husband and wife. Barkha is shocked. She talks to Nikhil and asks her to come with him back home.

Nikhil tells her that he wants to stay in this village with Lajjo and start a new life with her even if he lacks comforts and money. He says he is ready to live a poor life with Lajjo as it gives him more satisfaction and peace. Lajjo hears this and feels bad that Nikhil is breaking his ties from his mum because of her. Lajjo tries hard to win Barkha’s heart by cooking for her oil free food. Nikhil helps her in cooking but Barkha understands Lajjo made the food and leaves without eating it. Nikhil pacifies Lajjo and tells her that one day Barkha will accept their relation. Will Barkha really accept Lajjo as her bahu? Keep reading.