Lajjo and Nikhil trying hard to expose Ranawat and his smuggling racket in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo and Ranawat bump into each other at a hotel but he does not see her face. She gets relieved. Sagar and Lajjo have meeting there. Nikhil joins them by bringing Mili. Lajjo starts talking to Mili and Sagar and Nikhil feels sidelined and angry. He gets annoyed and comes home. Lajjo goes to Ranawat’s house. Lajjo thinks she can keep the tracking device now. Lajjo goes to his room and checks his laptop. Ranawat is on the way. Lajjo transfer the data. He meets Shalini and says he has to get laptop from study room. Lajjo thinks how was the laptop before, he knows positions very well, how to keep it now. Ranawat comes and Lajjo hides hearing the footsteps. Shalini comes and asks what happened now.

Ranawat says I don’t like anyone to come in study room in my absence. He says someone came, as laptop is hot. He says he does not trust servants and will lock study room from today. They come out and lock the study room. Ranawat and Shalini leave. Lajjo gets locked inside. Lajjo says she will call Miss Roy, she is CBI and will help her. She tells the problem to Miss Roy that she is locked in study room. She says she was taking info, she took it in pendrive. Miss Roy says be there, I will send someone, sit there quietly. Amit goes and frees her. Inder is upset as he is facing big loss in business. Nikhil comes to meet Ranawat at dinner. Lajjo is shocked seeing him. Ranawat introduces Nikhil to Shalini.

Nikhil sits for dinner. Lajjo serves him food. Ranawat talks to him. Nikhil says enough Lajjo. Ranawat asks Nikhil why did you call her Lajjo, how does he know her name is Lajjo. Lajjo and Nikhil get tensed. Nikhil says he keeps his ears and eyes open, he did his homework before meeting him, he knows who lives here. He says his past and how he started his business empire. Ranawat is stunned. They sit to talk about work. Ranawat asks him what new ideas he has, if he does not like their way to transport diamonds. Nikhil says he has experience, as briefcase idea is outdated and risky. Nikhil shows the pen and says we can use the pen to carry diamonds. Ranawat likes the idea.

Nikhil says its my duty to be honest with you. He says he is working for him, as he does not have a choice, he will work by heart. Ranawat says good and says I like this attitude, it will be fun working with you. DK says its Ranawat’s biggest deal, so Nikhil has to get involved in this. Nikhil says he will try his best. Miss Roy says no, our work is not over, we want a safe from his house, which can help us. Lajjo agrees to bring it. Lajjo is shocked seeing Harman spotting her on the road and gets tensed as he walks towards her. Harry miss to see her on the road. Lajjo plans to find the safe and steal it, and sends all servants out, when the owners are not at home. Lajjo tries finding the safe.

Lajjo comes out of the study. She goes to the storeroom to find some evidence there. She says there is nothing here and looks around. Shalini and Ranawat come home. Shalini calls the maid Savita. She scolds the other servant. He says Lajjo has sent me to market to get some items and she is not at home. Lajjo is finding something in store room. She is shocked seeing a white bedsheet coming towards her. Ranwat asks where is Harry, I told him to get someone for AC servicing. Shalini says he is useless, he has embarrassed me.

She says it’s the limit, he sees girls and falls for them he is ruining our family name, why don’t you talk to him. Harry throws the bedsheet. He says he has seen the world and asks her to stop. She says I was cleaning storeroom. He is not convinced and asks her to say the same to Ranawat. Harry brings Lajjo to Shalini and Ranawat. Lajjo says leave me, I did not do anything. Shalini and Ranawat are shocked seeing Harry misbehaving with Lajjo. Harry brings a gun and aims at Lajjo shocking everyone. Lajjo says I m not lying, he came near me and held my hand. Shalini defends Lajjo.

Ranawat asks Shalini to fire Lajjo. She says we can’t fire her now, as she will tell this to agency and if media knows, it will spoil our image. Savita tells Shalini about Lajjo wearing costly bracelet. She fills her ears and says maybe Harry is right about her. Lajjo hears them talking and thinks what to do. Lajjo brings tea for Shalini. Shalini looks at her costly bracelet. Will Lajjo be able to get the safe locker? Keep reading.

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