Lajjo suffers a wardrobe malfunction planned by Ratri; Sagar and Nikhil worried for her in Gustakh Dil

Nani brings Barkha, Gunjan and Rishi to show Lajjo’s hoardings as Trishna, the rising dancing star. Barkha is not so happy seeing it and thinks to make Lajjo fail in her efforts. Rishi and Gunjan can’t believe its their Lajjo Bhabhi. Barkha says who cares about talent, its not necessary that she wins, if she wins, even then she can’t come in this house. Nani says she will come, no matter how many times you plan against her, she will win and defeat you. She says I did not promise Lajjo and Nikhil, that if she become something, I will welcome her in my home. Nani defends Lajjo and argues with her. Nikhil is on the way and sees Trishna’s hoardings.

Nikhil thinks of her promise and is very happy saying its my Lajjo. Ravi’s attitude towards Lajjo also changes seeing she is a rising star now. Nikhil sees Lajjo’s news that she has press conference. He decides to go and meet her. Sagar asks Lajjo to get ready soon and they come for the press conference. Sagar can’t believe it’s the same Lajjo, and she looks super stunning in western clothes. Even Nikhil is struck seeing her new look. Nikhil calls Lajjo but she does not see him and goes. She feels Nikhil is around and turns to see, but Nikhil gets far till then. Nani comes to Nikhil and sees him upset. He tells her that he could not meet Lajjo till now, even though she is no near to him now.

Nani asks him to go to Rancho’s house and meet her, as she is staying there. Nikhil is stunned knowing this and said Rancho has hidden this till now. He thanks Nani and goes to meet Lajjo. He pulls Rancho’s leg about Lajjo, and shows he does not care about Lajjo’s hoardings. Lajjo comes out to confront him and he is just happily staring at her with so much love. He says I love you and lifts her. He says my Lajjo can never change, even if she becomes superstar. He gives her hand and says autograph please. She smiles and hugs him. Ratri comes to the costume rooms to damage Lajjo’s dress.

He says now no need to prove you, you were perfect before and now too. You are made for me. She says I can’t come now, I m just one step back. He says please don’t be adamant now, come with me, I can’t live without you. She says I know, I also miss you every moment, but I m doing this for you, just few days more, then we will be together.Lajjo’s parents are very ha[[y seeing Lajjo as Trishna in the newspapers. Ratri calls Barkha and says what she did and how she will ruin Trishna. Her mum says Lajjo has given me a lot of happiness and kisses her pic.

Mili damages Lajjo’s sandals. Sagar says this scolding is for you too, I m sure this house has two kids, when will you start taking this competition seriously. Nikhil buys a gift for Lajjo and shows his gang, he says its my anniversary coming, I can’t wait it, I will make her wear this by my hands. The competition stage is set. Lajjo is getting ready and wears the gown that Ratri has damaged. Kabir and Sagar are busy taunting and challenging each other. Barkha says lets see who comes out as a winner. Nikhil calls Lajjo and they have a cute and sweet talk. She says she is nervous and he acts like her to make her smile and boost her confidence.

The Jalwa dance competition 2014 starts and the announcement is made to welcome all the rising stars. Sagar is very happy seeing Lajjo walk in looking very pretty. Lajjo does the rampwalk and smiles. The other girls also come and then Ratri. Lajjo’s gown top comes out and falls, exposing her. Everyone is shocked and Kabir and Ratri smile. Lajjo holds the cloth quickly and is shaken up. She hides her face as the reporters take the pics. Sagar is shocked along with Lajjo. Lajjo starts crying on the stage. Anjali stops Sagar and says let me talk to her, she won’t want to meet anyone now.

Sagar says I have to meet her. Lajjo is devastated. Anjali says talk to me. Lajjo shouts. Sagar hears this and is worried. Anjali comes out to Sagar and says she is very afraid, she did not even see me. She says she will be embarrassed seeing you. Lajjo cries and says Nikhil will know everything, how will I face him now, what will I tell him now. Rancho comes to talk to Lajjo ad hugs her crying. Sagar talks to Singh and wants to find out how did this incident happen. He talks to all the girls and says I want to know who is responsible for this. Will Ratri be caught for this cheap trick? Keep reading.

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