Madhu shocked to see Sweety as Abhay’s bride in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Meenakshi from Adarsh home calls Abhay and tells him that he has to send RK for medical tests. Abhay is surprised and tells her that he will conduct all the medical tests at home. Meenakshi says its paart of their adoption formalities and it needs to be fulfilled at their centre. She asks Abhay to cooperate with them and send RK at the earliest. Abhay says he does not have time to come. Meenakshi asks him to send RK with someone else if he is not free. Abhay says fine and agrees. He asks Tamanna to go with RK. Tamanna denies saying RK is a mental case and he can hurt her like throwing her out of the car or something else. She tells him that she will not take RK and send someone else.

Madhu hears them talking and thinks she should take RK but she should convince Abhay first. She acts like she is very unwell and would not be able to go out for any work. Abhay gets fooled by her and asks her to take RK to Adarsh home. Tamanna does not leave any chance to taunt Madhu and asks her to go by bus. Madhu gets ready to take RK and goes by car not caring about Tamanna’s words. RK and Madhu leave and on the way, they have some kiddish moments in the car. RK and Madhu become good friends and share a special honest bond which only good people can value.

Nikhil and Pam conspire against Abhay and are very happy as its one day left for them to get Abhay’s property. Pam and Nikhil think how to divide money between them. Pam tells Nikhil that she will give him only 25% of the property and this makes Nikhil upset. He says we have done everything together and I need equal share in the property, give me 50%. Pam refuses and asks him to stay in his limits. They are far from the property and start dividing before they get. Abhay hears them talking and thinks to surprise them. Abhay tells them that it is his 38th birthday tomorrow and he has a big surprise for them in the party.

Pam thinks what might be the surprise and gets a little bit worried. Abhay and Tamanna does all the arrangements. Madhu brings RK to a school where Meenakshi teaches. Meenakshi asks Madhu to leave RK there and go back. Madhu sees RK very happy and enjoying with his friends. She is satisfies and leaves from there. RK sees Madhu leaving and runs to stop her. He has breathing problem and he falls down after running a mile. Madhu leaves in the car and does not hear RK shouting. Madhu comes to Bittu to tell him everything about her life, the truth that she got married to RK, and Abhay cheating her. Bittu asks Madhu what is the matter. She is about to tell him crying and gets Meenakshi’s call saying RK ran away from the school.

Madhu gets worried and runs back to find RK. RK and Madhu look out for each other on the roads but does not meet. Abhay gets RK and brings him home. Abhay messages Madhu that RK is with him. Madhu comes home and asks him where is RK, I want to meet him. Abhay asks her to get ready for his birthday party and welcome the guests with a smile, only then she can meet RK. Madhu agrees. Abhay tells everyone in the party that he has a surprise for everyone. He tells them that he is not single any more and he got married. Pam and Nikhil are shocked. Abhay tells them that she is my bride and welcomes Sweety. Abhay asks Madhu to do her Mu Dikhai and lift her ghunghat. Madhu and everyone are shocked to see Sweety. Madhu understands that Abhay has done a contract marriage with Sweety. Sweety and Mami are very happy coming in Abhay’s home.

Abhay calls RK, the joker in the party and gives him the task to catch a ball and asks all the guests to stop RK from getting the ball. Everyone tease RK and does not give him the ball. Madhu feels bad and cries. She tells everyone that RK is her husband and she will protect him, he is not a joker, but a simple human being. She praises RK and scolds Abhay for making him a joker. Abhay asks Sweety to sleep on the floor as he married her only for six months, then she will have to go back home. Madhu gets dressed like a bride with sindoor and mangalsutra. Madhu starts a new life with RK. Will Madhu and RK get the deserving happiness? Keep reading.