Meher shocked to learn Iqbal’s truth; Iqbal hurts her to fill hatred in her heart in Nadaan Parindey

Purab regrets his mistake for shooting Sameer and tells this crime to everyone. He accepts infront of everyone. Nimmi says we will have new mahurat for wedding when you get well. Purab says he will not marry. He says my dad did not shoot me in anger, but to make me a human, I was an animal before. He says he does not deserve Minty. He says my punishment is that I admit my mistake infront of you all. He says whatever Sameer told was true, I tried to kill him at the border. Everyone is shocked. Purab says I did not love you Minty, I was marrying you to take revenge from Meher. Minty apologizes to Meher.

Bebe hugs Iqbal knowing he is her son Ameer. She says you have to get back your brother from across the border. He says I got you from much difficulty, how to get back my brother. Bebe says one son is infront of me, how to leave other in pain. Meher says you are talking about Purab. Bebe says yes. She says what Purab did is wrong, but he is like my son. Meher hugs Iqbal and he is shocked. Meher says now everything is fine, happiness will be back in this house. Bebe thinks what will happen with Meher, Sameer loves Meher and Meher loves Iqbal, they both are my sons, what will Meher go through when she comes to know the truth. Iqbal goes to meet Purab at the hospital and they end all the problems and fights between them to make a new start. Iqbal comes home and Bebe asks him to offer Namaz and pray for Sameer.

Sameer tells Mehtaab about Meher and how much he loves her. He says he will go back and hug Bebe and then Meher, no one can separate us. Meher walks to Iqbal while he is praying. He offers Namaz and she is shocked seeing him. Meher tells Bebe that she did not feel he is Sameer. Iqbal comes and says yes you are right, I m not Sameer, I m Iqbal, from across the border, Meher asks what is this joke Sameer. Iqbal says this is the truth, I m Iqbal Khan. She is shocked. Bebe looks on. Iqbal comes and says yes, I m not Sameer, I m Iqbal Khan, from across the border. Meher is shocked . He tells her the complete truth that he came here for mission. He says Maseeta was my man, but I had to kill him. He says only Purab doubted on me, he is very clever, he was after me. Meher thinks about Purab’s words.

Iqbal says see Purab is in hospital bed because of me. Iqbal says don’t do anything if you want your son, else I will kill him. Iqbal comes in his room and cries as he has hurt Meher. Meher tells Bebe what did we do, we were happy that Sameer came back, but he is across the border in jail. Bebe says you love Sameer and this is not Sameer. Meher says no, I love him, I felt Sameer changed and he is like I wanted. Bebe is shocked. She asks Meher to tell her mind that this is not Sameer, he is a dangerous man who came to cheat a mother, he can do anything. Meher says I m his wife now, I did not know, why did I love him.

Meher cries and defends Iqbal and says he loves me too. Iqbal says he will torture Meher and everything will be fine, he will make Meher hate him, she will then love Sameer. He will leave from here forever. Bebe cries. Meher says she knows Bebe’s pain as she lost Sameer. Meher cries and curses Iqbal. Bebe stops her. Bebe defends Iqbal. Meher curses Iqbal’s mum. Bebe cries and says every mum is same, children lose the path. Meher says no, sometimes even mum becomes enemy to push children on wrong path. Iqbal scolds Meher and says he married her to save his mission. He says he has used her, she is no one to him. Meher is shocked. He taunts her on her parents’ name and asks her to sit with him while he eats. He asks her to fan up. She asks what? He says I think you love Sameer, whom my men are beating day and night, you want your lover back safe right. Meher tells Bebe that they will call police.

Bebe asks her to think about Sameer, if he Iqbal knows this, what about Sameer. Meher says he will not send Sameer fine, why are we trusting him, if he does not send Sameer then. She says how to know Sameer is alive or not. Meher says we don’t have a proof. Bebe says he is there. Meher says how do you know, did you talk to him. Bebe says I would have told you, my heart says he is there. Nimmi talks to the sarpanch and tells Minty’s problem. She asks him to find some solution. He asks her to have patience, as Mama got bail and Purab will discharge soon, shall I talk to Bebe. Nimmi says no, she did all this. Iqbal tells Mehers its not marriage like this to fill sindoor, Bebe was doubting me so I hurriedly married you. He says he did this to save this mission, he used her. Meher cries as he pushes her on the floor. What will Meher do now? Will she forget Iqbal or still love him? Keep reading.

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