Must Read: Bizarre fan theories related to Game Of Thrones Season 8

MUMBAI: Ever since the first season of Game of Thrones hit the screens, fans have been going crazy about the show. Now, finally, the immensely popular fantasy drama is set to air its season 8.

Fans can’t wait for the final season to air, and fan theories around the show have been keeping the online platform abuzz since season 1, so, this time is no different. As the show is set to air its final season, fans are back to produce some of the craziest theories related to the same.

Cersei will sacrifice her baby to the Night King-

As we know Cersei is pregnant with Jamie Lannister’s child, the queen may sacrifice her child to the Night King. I believe this will involve some sort of sacrifice for the benefit of all- David, 49, designer, Windsor.

Jon Snow will stab the Night King right through Daenerys’ heart-

Jon Snow is going to stab the Night King through Daenerys’ heart, so the sword catches on fire, just like the dragons shot flames through her in Earth. The prophecy will therefore be fulfilled. Jon Snow will take the Iron Throne, although he doesn’t want it- Lucy, 50s, teacher, Australia.

Tyrion or Dany will sit on the throne with bright blue eyes-

I imagine Tyrion and Dany will survive, with one of them set to close the series by walking into the throne room and sitting on the throne, the sole remaining player in the power mix. Naturally, they will have their head bowed as they do so, and the final moment in the series will be them raising their head and revealing their bright blue eyes, a classic ending to denote the inevitability of the undead- Ben Bernards, 44, debit card program manager, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dany will become the Night Queen-

There’s quite a bit of evidence that Dany could become the new Night Queen, a figure in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire who appears to be a female White Walker.