Nandu opposes Niranjan and Gehna’s marriage in Balika Vadhu

Gehna’s marriage makes the villagers stand against Dadisaa once again. Sarpanch says we can’t accept Kalyani Devi’s doings. Villagers say our wives attended Gehna’s haldi and mehendi ritual. Sarpanch says we didn’t oppose her marriage, but have to make rules strict. He says no one will attend her wedding. Badi jiji says we have faced enough torture from you all. She talks about men marrying after their wives death. Sarpanch gets angry on her. Badi Jiji says it is a matter of women now. Kalyani Devi got her grand daughter Suguna married and then Anandi. She is bringing change in the society.

She says we came to inform you that we are with Gehna and will attend her wedding. Niranjan sit for their marriage while Panditji does the puja. Panditji asks Dadisaa to call Gehna. Panch members come and apologizes to everyone. Nandu talks to Gopal and gives his video game back. Gopal says you will get new room now. Gopal tells him that man cares only about wife after marriage and doesn’t care about wife’s kids. He says your room will change. Nandu gets angry. Niranjan and Gehna take the pheras and get married. Nandu cries and looks at them while Gopal continues to provoke him against Gehna and Niranjan’s marriage.

Meenu sees Anoop taking money from someone and asks who is he? Anoop says he is a client and asks her to keep 10 Lakhs rupees in the almira. Meenu asks about the money. He says it is a profit. Meenu gets surprised. Anoop says you can’t believe that I can get more profit. Meenu hopes that he is not doing anything wrong. Dadisaa asks Ganga to do the aarti fast. Nandu comes and throws the aarti. He asks Gehna to come with him and says I can’t let you stay with this bad man. Dadisaa says your maa will not go anywhere. We have heard enough. Nandu takes Gehna forcibly with him. Dadisaa looks on tensed.

Alok tells Subhadra that you don’t leave a chance to hurt us. Anoop takes Subhadra’s side. Alok says you are seeing her tears and not Saachi’s pain. Alok says Buaji was provoking Saachi to commit suicide. Subhadra says Saachi is like her child and starts crying. Ira tells Shiv that Vivek is doubting on Saachi of having an affair with her boss. Shiv gets shocked. Ira says Suman thinks if Saachi stays here then Vivek will realize his mistake. Anandi says it is a misunderstanding. We have to meet Saachi first and then think about a solution. Niranjan looks at the decorated bed and recalls the wedding with Gehna.

He recalls Nandu refusing to let Gehna stay with him. He gets sad. He sees Gehna standing in the window sadly. Shiv tells Anandi that how can Vivek doubts on Saachi. He supported Saachi and married her against her parents’ wishes. I can’t believe that he can doubt her. Anandi asks him to have strength. She praises Saachi for starting a new life. She is sure that Saachi will come out of this and will win. She says Vivek loves Saachi and is hurt. Gehna apologizes to Niranjan. Nandu throws a stone while they were talking. Niranjan gets up from the sofa and sees Nandu running after throwing stone on him. Gehna asks who was he?

Niranjan looks on shockingly. Anandi goes to Shiv’s friend house where she again notices that small girl who was illtreated by her relative. That lady enacts to be nice to the girl but actually treats her badly. Anandi discuss about the girl with Shiv at night and asks Shiv about his friends. Jagdish helps Dadisaa in studying English and motivates her to work hard. Anandi calls Shiv and informs her about Mandira buying the girl Jyoti for taking domestic work. Anandi says she wanted to talk that girl with her right away, but stopped thinking about Puneet. Shiv says I will talk to Puneet right away. Shiv calls Puneet and asks him about Jyoti. He says we came to know that your wife has brought her.

Puneet asks her not to worry and asks him to try to understand being a husband. Shiv says it is a serious matter. Puneet takes it lightly and says you are very lucky to have Anandi bhabhi as your wife. He says we took the servant home. Shiv calls Anandi and says Puneet is supporting his wife. Anandi asks what shall I do. Shiv says friendship is at its place and duty is at his place. I will talk to Police and asks them to bring the child from his house. Will Anandi save Jyoti ffrom bonded labor? Keep reading.