Nikhil defends Lajjo by his family’s questioning; Jasmine mad about Nikhil in Gustakh Dil

Shalini follows Lajjo to the secret room and watches her silently. Lajjo finds the locker and opens it but she couldn’t find the blue diary. Nikhil is with the CBI officers and is telling them that the safe has been found but there was no diary, the officers believe that the diary has to be there and knowing that Lajjo has gone to Mumbai they have to wait for their next plan to take action. Lajjo goes to Mumbai for the LFW. Barkha is sorting the clothes for the laundry when she finds a bill in Inder’s shirt, she sees that its from the Blue Club restaurant and is surprised to find a mocktail on it and assumes that a lady was with Inder there.

Lajjo gets a call from Nikhil and she reminds him of his promise and he tells her that she can go with anyone. Lajjo is surprised when Nikhil comes out. She asks him to pinch her and tells him that she thought not all dreams come true. Nikhil tells her if the dreams are of Lajjo then they have to come true. She says you have kept your promise, thanks for bringing me here. He says sorry for making your wish come true late, I did not get time. They get closer. She kisses him on his cheek. Jasmine comes there with her friends. Lajjo sees her and is shocked. She tells Nikhil your girlfriend. He sees Jasmine and says what is she doing here, and she is not your girlfriend. Lajjo hides and Nikhil attends Jasmine.

Jasmine tries flirting with Nikhil. Barkha hires a detective to spy on Inder thinking he has an affair with some woman and gives him Rs 50000 as advance. Nikhil fools Jasmine and goes to Lajjo. He says this moment calls for a celebration and says its Nikhil’s day to fulfill Lajjo’s dream. He says I wish to see you all the time. He says he is afraid of losing her. Lajjo says she will always be with him. Shalini comes to Lajjo and asks her husband’s name. Lajjo is shocked. Lajjo lies to her. Shalini doubts her. Shalini asks Lajjo to go home. Lajjo leaves. Shalini follows Lajjo. She thinks to find out. Lajjo sees her following her and does not take the taxi to go home. She goes to Shreya’s house and gets into Trishna’s look to fool Shalini. Shalini loses Lajjo’s track and thinks what to do.

Adhiraj and Ayesha have some sweet and cute moments of their new found love. Ranawat says the client is very doubtful, I don’t know it’s a big deal, if he gives to someone else. Nikhil says we should call and ask. Jasmine comes and greets them. he says its good you both are together, I m inviting Nikhil to come with me in party and he is not coming, he can’t say no today. Ranawat insists and Nikhil stays there for dinner. Sagar comes to Barkha’s house to meet Lajjo. He asks for Lajjo. Barkha and Inder are shocked knowing Lajjo did not go for her rehearsals and lied to them every day. Sagar leaves. Lajjo comes home and sees everyone on the living room being worried. nder says where are you going if not on rehearsals, does Nikhil know this. Barkha says does he not know, she lied to him too.

Jasmine gifts a shirt to Nikhil and he rejects it scolding her madness. Jasmine gets angry and shouts. Nikhil says I told you, don’t blackmail me by this cheap tricks, I don’t care by this stupid obsession. Lajjo says she can’t tell the truth, sorry. Inder asks why, if you did not do anything wrong. Barkha says why did you lie to Nikhil, he loves and trusts you. Nikhil says so this is what you trust Lajjo, without thinking anything, you are blaming her, let me tell you, its not her mistake, she lied for me. He tells them everything how Lajjo is protecting him by helping CBI. Jasmine is angry thinking about Nikhil’s words.

Shalini comes to her and asks what happened. Jasmine says he said no to me, he rejected to take gift from me. Shalini asks who, I don’t understand, who said no to you. Jasmine says Nikhil. Shalini is shocked. Shalini says can you control yourself, who is he to you. Jasmine says what if he is married, can’t he love me, I love him. Lajjo shows Nikhil the newspaper and says our names and story is written, even Ranawat gets this paper. Nikhil is shocked and tensed. Lajjo says she will go to Ranawat’s house before anyone there reads this paper. She leaves in hurry leaving her phone. What will Lajjo do if her truth comes out? Keep reading.

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