Nikhil falls down the cliff and survives; Lajjo tracks him in hospital and brings him home in Gustakh Dil

Ranawat comes home changing his getup to get saved by the CBI. He meets Harry and gets to know about Shalini’s condition. Harry says I did not shoot Shalini, I was killing Lajjo, she has shot me, she cheated us. Nikhil tries to save himself, but fails. Harry asks what about Nikhil. Ranawat says I will not leave him, I will kill him as he is a traitor, I will use him in bargain for blue dairy, then I will kill him. Harry says right, what about Lajjo. Ranawat says no need to do anything, she will suffer after Nikhil’s death, its her big punishment. Jasmine hears this and is shocked. Jasmine goes and saves Nikhil making him run from the godown.

DK gets call and says we will find Ranawat. Inder says please find Nikhil. Miss Roy says we will save him. Nikhil runs on the road. DK and the staff come to arrest Ranawat. They get inside and arrest Ranawat, who is in disguise and act innocent. Ranawat is arrested finally. Everyone is worries as there is no news about Nikhil. Nikhil runs from the goons and reaches the cliff end. They shoot at him and he falls down the cliff. Miss Roy comes to Lajjo and says we reached Nikhil on time but sorry as we could not save him. Jasmine meets Shalini who tells her that her dad Ranawat is a smuggler and murderer.

She says she has helped Lajjo to get Ranawat arrested. Jasmine gets angry and leaves. Barkha throws Lajjo at the door and asks her to leave the house. Sagar looks at Barkha. He makes Lajjo stand and asks Barkha whats happening here. He says he read in newspaper and came here. Barkha says don’t you know Sagar that Nikhil is no more. Sagar is shocked. She says Nikhil’s life was in danger and she did not tell us. Sagar and Lajjo come to the cliff and see DK with the police. DK asks Lajjo to understand as Nikhil can’t come back. Sagar asks Lajjo to accept it. Adhiraj comes to Shalini and talks to her. They meet after much time, and he supports her for what she did. Lajjo comes home with DK.

Barkha asks where is Nikhil, as you said you will get him back. DK says I m sorry, we got his shirt cloth and his watch from there, nothing else. Barkha looks at it and cries. Jasmine comes to Lajjo and Ayesha goes to get the tea. She stops as Jasmine calls out Lajjo. Ayesha does not recognize her. Ayesha asks who is she. Lajjo says Jasmine, Ranawat’s daughter. Ayesha is shocked. Jasmine says I got to know all the truth, you came in my house as cook to spy on my dad. She says how dare you get proof against my dad.

Jasmine scolds Lajjo and says my dad is arrested because of you, I will not leave you so easily. Jasmine says if you tell anything against my dad, I will kill you too. Jasmine gets violent. Adhiraj comes there and says you will not even touch Lajjo. He sends Jasmine scolding her and tells Ayesha that she is his sister and he is Ranawat’s son. Ayesha and Lajjo are shocked. Ayesha breaks her ties with him blaming him for Nikhil’s death. Inder says Ranawat is the one who has killed Nikhil, its good Ayesha is saved from Adhiraj now.

Barkha says my children think I m their enemy, when I knew he is rich, I was glad, I did not know about his family, he did not tell me about his father. Inder asks DK did he know about Nikhil. DK says we got a dead body and someone can to come to recognize him. Everyone is shocked. Lajjo, Inder and Samrat go to see the body and its not Nikhil. Lajjo comes out and cries. She sees someone taken away and feels its Nikhil. She runs to the ward and sees Nikhil injured and bring treated. She is glad and goes to talk to him. He opens his eyes and says Lajjo. Inder and Samrat get happy and later on take Nikhil home.

Jasmine looks at Nikhil’s pic and cries. Harry comes and asks whats all this, he did not die, he is alive. Lajjo takes care of Nikhil. Barkha comes to her and apologizes to her for treating her so bad, she always misunderstood her. She regrets for her doings and says for us Nikhil was dead, only you had the hope. He says he was not afraid to die. He says he was afraid that he won’t be able to see her again. She says I can’t live without you. What will Jasmine do now, will she get after Nikhil again? Keep reading.

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