Nikumbh makes Yamini and Azam the partners in his theatre company in Baawre

Yamini and Raghavendra have an argument over Nikumbh. He taunts them and says I will be insulted if I talk to them. She says what if I stay in Lucknow all my life, will you feel so talking to me. He talks to the director and clears that Yamini’s room was jammed and she wanted to meet him. He says she is very glad knowing she will become the heroine in your film. Yamini gets up and cries thinking about Raghavendra’s words. She thinks about Nikumbh. Nikumbh is unable to sleep and looks at the sky. Nikumbh looks at Yamini sitting in her window and says all the best Yamini. he walks on the beach holding Nikumbh’s shirt.

She gets a mirror piece and looks at her face in it. She talks to herself and says she is a star and loves people’s love and attention, but she loves to be with Nikumbh freely and with her heart. She says she does not want to be in Mumbai, she wants to be in Lucknow, as a simple normal girl, she just wants to live as Yamini. She calls Nikumbh while he is going back to Lucknow and takes his best wishes. She goes for the audition. She does the worst makeup and shocked Raghavendra. Tandon likes her in her look and says he was looking for such face. He takes her as his heroine and Raghavendra is glad.

Raghavendra talks to Yamini and tells about the press conference she has to attend. Yamini is quiet and upset as things are going against her. Tandon talks to the reporters about Yamini. The reporters greet her and asks how does she feel in Mumbai, to become a good heroine. She says thanks, I feel like I m in cage. She stands and says sorry, but I can’t do this film. Azam and Nikumbh see this on the tv. Azam says are you hearing what I heard. The reporter ask Yamini why is she rejecting money and fame. Yamini says no, I feel I don’t need it. She says I know every girl would like this, I know its important, but I know this, its tough to say this, to refuse to work with iconic director lilke Tandon.

Yamini says I want to live an ordinary life, not special. I don’t want money, I m happy as Yamini, from Lucknow, who has her life and dreams. She says its my life. Azam claps for her. Nikumbh says yes, she has given her words well, she agreed to me. Raghavendra brings Yamini back to Lucknow and hears her praising Nikumbh for making her able to say all this. He gets angry on her and asks her not to meet Nikumbh and bounds her at home. Nikumbh comes to meet Yamini and she panics. He asks her to be quiet as she is speaking a lot since tomorrow. He invites her in a part he kept in haveli tomorrow and she agrees to come. Yamini gets dressed and tells her mum and Dadi that she is going to meet Nikumbh.

Maa gets worried and asks her to think of her dad’s anger. Yamini does not care and leaves. Nikumbh waits for her in the party and is glad seeing her. Everyone sing and dance. Nikumbh announces about his theatre company and he has made Azam and Yamini the partners in it. Azam and Yamini can’t believe it. Nikumbh asks Yamini to sign. Yamini thanks him for making her a part of this company. She says no one trusted me so much before, no one said I did something for them. Yamini laughs and sings a song. Raghavendra comes and asks what nonsense in going on. Raghavendra takes Nikumbh out and talks to him.

He insults Nikumbh and his father. Dadi meets Nikumbh knowing Yamini is in love with Nikumbh. She interviews about his finance and family. Nikumbh is puzzled and shares this with Azam. Yamini says she will do what her heart says. Raghavendra says he won’t let Yamini do as she wants. Raghavendra counts his favors on Yamini. She says you tried to make me something else and took all decision of my life. She says Nikumbh made me partner in his theatre company and no one gave me such big responsibility, but when its given now, I want to fulfill it. Yamini says no, my dream was never mine, it was always yours. He says he has teach her now, she won’t hear like this and holds Yamini.

Dadi and Maa save Yamini. He says I will beat her one day. He says she is going mad, control her. Yamini says I don’t love him, but I like to be with him. He always thinks right thing for me. Dadi says you won’t know it now, but gradually when you make yourself apart from this world, you will know everything clear, wait till then. Raghavendra calls someone and asks him to beat Nikumbh. Dadi cuts the call and scolds him. He asks him to see Yamini loves Nikumbh shocking him. What will Raghavendra do now? Keep reading.

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