Pakhi comes back home, Anshuman to value Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi

The first episode on Monday of this week showed Girish convincing Pakhi not to leave Anshuman and Ayaan. He tells her how much Ayaan loves her and he started believing in motherly love. He asks her not to hurt Ayaan’s sentiments. He says if you leave him and go, he will never trust anyone and will never anyone the place of his mother which he has already given you. He asks her to trust Anshuman as he is a changed person now. He says the old Anshuman was an image conscious and selfish person who can hurt anyone for his profit, but now Anshuman has changed by your love and your presence in his life. He is not selfish anymore and he started thinking about other’s happiness. Pakhi knows this too, but can’t think of going back to Anshuman. Girish asks her to follow her heart and just trust Anshuman once.

He says this time he will not break your heart and will fall in love with you. He says Tanya is not trust worthy, you can’t leave Anshuman and Ayaan on her. She won’t be able to take care of them as she is a selfish and self loving person. He finally convinces Pakhi and she agrees. Girish says I will proof it to you that Anshuman understands your love for him, though he is not accepting it now. He says Anshuman understands your language of touch and we will see it today. They call Anshuman at a bank and Pakhi meets Anshuman not coming infront of him. She keeps her hand on Anshuman’s hand. Anshuman feels Pakhi’s touch and looks around for her. He tells Tanya that he felt Pakhi was here and she has touched his hand. Pakhi hears this and is happy. Girish proved to her that Anshuman loves her not that Tanya.

Pakhi comes home while Anshuman is suffering in guilt. His guilt is stopping him from smiling, from being happy, from giving his love to Tanya. Tanya asks Anshuman to shout aloud and apologize to her thinking she is Pakhi, so that his heart can get free from the guilt burden. Anshuman shouts I m sorry Pakhi, just come back once, I want to talk to you and apologize to you for the mistakes I have done. He feels miserable and speaks his heart out thinking she is not there and he can say whatever he can. Pakhi hears his words and cries. She feels Girish was right about Anshuman and he has really changed. She thinks Anshuman loves her and will definitely agree one day.

Anshuman is happy to see Pakhi and tells her that he would have not said all this in her presence. Pakhi tells Anshuman that she heard everything and she has changed her mind now. She tells Anshuman that she will give him divorce only if she is satisfied with Tanya. She tells him about the clause in divorce papers. She challenges Tanya for prove herself to be a better wife and better mum than her. Tanya is shocked to see Pakhi back. Tanya informs Lavanya about this. Girish acts as if he did not do anything and is unaware of Pakhi coming back home.

Pakhi asks Tanya to live with them in their house for a week and prove her mettle. Anshuman asks Tanya to accept the challenge as he thinks it is a fair game. He says I have hurt Pakhi a lot, I have to agree with her this time as it is just. Tanya fumes with anger. Lavanya asks Tanya to accept the challenge and try hard else she will be losing to a village girl Pakhi. Tanya agrees and accepts the challenge. The day 1 starts and Pakhi asks Tanya to make food for Anshuman. Tanya orders it from a hotel and Anshuman does not have the food and leaves. Pakhi is happy thinking she was right about Tanya. She thinks Tanya won’t be able to take care of Ayaan too. She is more firm in her decision to stay with Anshuman and Ayaan.

Anshuman starts seeing the difference between Pakhi and Tanya. He tells Tanya that Pakhi is better than you. This makes Tanya angry. She says I will leave this house and not continue the challenge. Lavanya stops her and asks her to try to win. Who will win the challenge – Tanya or Pakhi? Will Anshuman really realize his love for Pakhi? Keep reading.