Pakhi goes in the final rounds of the Cross Cultural Competition; Anshuman prays for her victory in Tumhari Pakhi

Rohan speaks against Anshuman and tries fill Pakhi’s ears. Pakhi does not listen to him and defends Anshuman. Tanya calls Anshuman and Pakhi sees her name flashing on his phone. She says it means Anshuman is still in touch with Tanya. Pakhi goes after Anshuman to hear their talk. Anshuman and Tanya have a video chat and they talk like friends. Anshuman says I will find a best guy for you. Tanya says I know, you always wanted good for me, you have forgiven me, I was marrying a wrong guy Prachin, but you saved me from him and my life too, I owe you so much. Tanya says Prachin was killing me for my money and you saved me. She says you taught me the power of love.

You have forgiven me. Pakhi hears this and feels proud of Anshuman talking about Pakhi. Pakhi says Anshuman has changed Tanya’s hatred into goodness. Anshuman sees Pakhi and laughs knowing she was jealous and hearing their talk. They have some romantic moments and a hug. Girish gets upset as Anuja is nt letting him spend time with Lavanya, or do his small wishes. Anuja scolds him for not taking good care of Lavanya. He becomes upset. Anshuman and Pakhi wait for the result. Rohan gives them the good news that they have won and now in the finals. Pakhi is little upset thinking if she wins the finals, she will have to be away from Anshuman for 18 years.

Rohan says the result will decide Pakhi’s fate for next 18 years. Anshuman prays for Pakhi’s victory. Sarah says I did not understand the clue for next round, its emoticons. Rohan says its about emotions, entertainment and art. Anshuman and Pakhi suggests the puppet show of Dhola Maaru. Anshuman and Pakhi make the puppets. They spend time together and Rohan is jealous seeing them. Pakhi talks to Anuja and tells her that she just wants to come back with Anshuman but this contract is stopping her. Anuja asks her to give her best to the competition. Anuja is proud of Anshuman as he has won Pakhi’s forgiveness by his true love. Rohan sees the Dhola Maru together and keeps a purse in between saying I will not let them unite so easily.

Pakhi lights the incense sticks and prays to the Lord to help her in deciding, Anshuman has really changed now.The incense sticks touches the curtain and the house catches fire. The fire alarm rings and everyone run out of the house. Anshuman goes back to take the puppets and see the fire cause by Pakhi’s mistake. He hides the incense sticks and puts a cigarette there taking all the blame on him. Anshuman talks to Anuja and says I can’t live without her, and can’t pray that she fails in this competition. The police comes and arrests Anshuman. Pakhi tries to stop them from taking Anshuman.

He asks her to focus on competition. She says I don’t care about it. Rohan holds Pakhi and she still stops Anshuman. Rohan says leave him, are you mad, he did the mistake, he did this intentionally to make us lose the competition. Pakhi goes to pay the fine and free Anshuman. Anshuman is freed. The inspector says people like you spoil the name of your country, you should be banned in any country, you can’t take part in the competition. leave this country before 1 pm, the visa will be cancelled and you will be deported as illegal immigrant.Rohan taunts Anshuman and asks him to go without Pakhi.

Rohan takes Pakhi’s from there holding her hand reminding her of promise. Rohan meets Anshuman and asks him why did he sacrifice his love by taking the blame on him. Anshuman defines whats love for him. Anshuman says Pakhi is not a trophy that I take home, you did not understand me, I did not come here to bind her in any relation, I came here to free her, as if she comes after 18 years to me, she should come by her wish.Ayaan talks to Pakhi on video chat and shows a house model he made with Anshuman’s cigerettes as he has quit smoking. Pakhi understands that Anshuman saved her and thee fire caught by her mistake.

She cries thinking how much he changed. Tanya calls Pakhi and asks her to accept Anshuman’s love and come back with him. Anuja hears Girish complaining to Lavanya about her and is upset. Anshuman and Pakhi meet and they talk about how strong there love is. She says I did not know love has so much strength that it heals even the wound of the soul.Will Pakhi go back to Shimla with Anshuman? Keep reading.

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