Pakhi leaves Anshuman and comes back to Chittorgarh in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman was annoyed with Pakhi as she did not turn up for the movie date. He goes to the park to find some solace and meets an old man who quarrels with his wife. His wife leaves annoyed. The old man gives some tips to Anshuman for dealing with wives and also explains him about what is love and what are the symptoms to know you are in true love. Anshuman feels everything he is saying is right as he is experiencing it with Pakhi. The old man asks him to admit his love to his life partner as love needs to be expressed to make the partner happy.

He asks him not to delay and go right now. His wife comes back and ends the quarrel. The man tells Anshuman that he and his wife always had small fights which made their love strong. Anshuman is happy saying I m in love, I love Pakhi. He jumps around in the park and dances being in true love for the first time in his life. He calls Pakhi and Lavanya takes the call. He tells Lavanya to inform Pakhi that he is coming home and he needs to say something important. Lavanya tells this Pakhi and says Anshuman is coming to say I love you, so all the best. Pakhi is happy and gets dressed as when she met him for the first time.

Anshuman comes home excited and sees the guy Rohan again running out of his home. He tries to catch him but he pushes Anshuman and leaves a fake pregnancy report of Pakhi. Anshuman is shocked reading it and confirms the same with the doctor. He thinks about Tanya’s words against Pakhi, Rohan being Pakhi’s Chittor’s boyfriend and Pakhi lying to him and meeting him. He connects all the links and thinks Pakhi has an affair with Rohan and is pregnant with his child as he did not consummate his marriage with her till now.

He comes inside the house and hears the recording which Pakhi plays saying I love you a lot Anshuman, I have been waiting for you since 18 years. He goes to his study room and talks to his inner self thinking about his dad’s words that women always cheat, they should not be loved and not given respect as they don’t deserve it. He feels his dad was right and he got his fate, as his mum cheated his dad and had a lover, similarly Pakhi cheated him and loves Rohan. He fells shattered and says he loves Pakhi a lot, she can’t be of bad character. He fights with his mind and heart.

Pakhi comes to him and asks him whats the matter. He sees her dressed well and she hugs him. He is confused and says I love you Pakhi, this is what you wanted to hear from me. Pakhi is happy. He then calls her of bad character and throws the pregnancy report and Rohan’s details in her face. She is shocked and gets scolded by Anshuman. He is very angry and insults her. He throws ink on her face and leaves. Pakhi shouts Anshuman……. She tells him that she did a lot till now for him and gave every test, but now she won’t be giving any proof to prove herself innocent. She cries thinking about his insulting words and wipes her sindoor breaking her mangalsutra. She leaves the house and comes back to Chittor.

Anshuman comes to Lavanya and Girish and tells them about Pakhi’s bad character and her pregnancy report. Lavanya slaps him and tells him that he is a fool to disrespect his wife who is a diamond by heart and character. Girish tells him that he is like a beggar now who has lost everything as Pakhi left from his life. He asks Anshuman to think that it can be someone’s plan against Pakhi. Anshuman runs and meets Rohan, whose real name is Prithvi. He tells him that he did all this as Tanya paid him money. Anshuman talks to Tanya and is shocked to hear the same.

He goes home and finds Pakhi gone. He cries shouting Pakhi I m sorry. Ayaan comes to him and asks him to apologize to Pakhi. Lavanya asks Anshuman to bring Pakhi back only then she will forgive him. Anshuman lands in Chittor and meets Pakhi. He realizes that Pakhi did not tell anyone about their fight. Everyone treat Anshuman well. Anshuman apologizes to Pakhi but she does not forgive him. Anshuman says he will not go back without her and keep trying. Will Pakhi forgive Anshuman for doubting her purity? Keep reading.