Pakhi shocked to know about Anshuman’s engagement with Tanya in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman Rathore’s son Ayaan Rathore called Pakhi his step mum. This has hurt Pakhi and made her more determined in making Ayaan accept her as his mum. She took up the challenge and told Anshuman that she will leave the house if Ayaan does not call her mum in 15 days. Anshuman was happy that Ayaan is adamant and won’t call Pakhi his mum. He thinks Pakhi would definitely have to leave the house permanently and it would end all this problems. Anshuman planned to get engaged to Tanya the day Pakhi leaves his house.

Though Anshuman, Tanya, Mr. Rana and Lavanya tried hard to make Pakhi leave the house in the past by making her go through several tests, but her will and positive struggle made her win every time. Pakhi went through many ups and downs to manage the house expenses and the household. She took good care of Ayaan, but Ayaan did not melt and was always against her. Ayaan has manipulated his history teacher and filed a case against Pakhi on domestic violence charges. Pakhi was sent to jail on that charge and Ayaan was happy alone at home.

Tanya is a bitchy girl who does not love Anshuman but only want to marry him as she wants to win over Pakhi. Anshuman is her dream man and she aims to show down Pakhi by marrying Anshuman. She uses Ayaan against Pakhi and makes him agree to go to hostel. Ayaan agrees to go to the hostel as Tanya tells him the benefits of living in the hostel. Pakhi arranges the Magic Art Club admission for Ayaan but Ayaan refuses to take admission in it and tears the admission form. Pakhi is shocked to know Ayaan’s decision about going to hostel.

Pakhi tries hard to convince Ayaan from going to the place where he wishes rather than going to hostel. She makes him follow the strict discipline of the hostel at home so that he can realize that hostel’s life is not so easy as Tanya told him. When Pakhi comes to know that Tanya filled Ayaan’s ears against her, Pakhi scolds Tanya and asks her to stay away from her family. Ayaan is stubborn and still is planning against Pakhi. Anshuman is happy seeing how the things are shaping up in his favor. He is proud of his son Ayaan.

Anshuman loves Tanya and not Pakhi. Anshuman can see Pakhi’s goodness and values it too, but he does not love her. He respects her a lot but does not want her in his life. He wants her to leave from his life and return back to her native place Chittorgarh. His plans to make her go always go in vain. He fails in his every attempt against Pakhi. This time, he wishes Ayaan does what he could not do by making Pakhi go from their lives. Anshuman is keen to marry Tanya as he has a deal with Mr. Rana.

The 15th day comes and Pakhi has to leave the house. Ayaan talks to Pakhi and offers her a deal that if she stops him from going to hostel then he will call her mum. Pakhi does not agree as she did not wish to fix a price for her motherly love. Pakhi tells about this deal to Anshuman and that she had refused to Ayaan. Anshuman is shocked and feels how good is Pakhi. He tells her that she is a genuinely nice girl. Pakhi is about to leave for Chittorgarh. She gets a call from Ayaan’s school where she and Anshuman are called immediately. Ayaan’s teacher complains that Ayaan has locked Piyush, his classmate in bathroom.

Ayaan denies saying I have not done this. Anshuman does not believe Ayaan and slaps him. Pakhi trusts Ayaan and supports him. She brings out the truth that someone else locked Piyush in the bathroom and Ayaan is innocent. Ayaan gets happy and sees the trust and love in Pakhi’s heart for him. He stops her from going to Chittorgarh calling her mum. Pakhi wins the 15 day challenge and cancels her plan of leaving. Anshuman is tensed as Tanya has done all the arrangements of their engagement. Anshuman and Pakhi come home. Pakhi is shocked to know Anshuman’s reality that he was getting engaged to Tanya in her absence. She is heart broken. Next week, you will get more to this update. Keep reading.