Prabhakar frees Manohar against Ishwar’s decision in Udaan

Bhaiya ji angrily tells Tejaswini about Manohar’s arrest and Ishwar acting very smart against them. Ishwar tells Bhuvan that we don’t have to be afraid of danger, but always face it. He says you can take Chakor, sorry for keeping Chakor here. Chakor says she will read the book infront of her dad. Bhuvan comes there and is amazed seeing Chakor’s room. Chakor turns and sees him. Abha asks Aditya to come and they leave. Chakor asks about Vivaan’s dad Manohar. ditya asks Ishwar why did Bhuvan come here. Aditya says he came for some work. Aditya says he was coming with family, why did he not bring them. Ishwar scolds him angrily and being frustrated. Aditya looks at Abha.

Ishwar thinks about Chakor and gets sad. She reads ABCD and he does not understand. She asks what happened, and tells him in hindi. Bhuvan happily cries seeing her studying. Bhuvan feels Ishwar was right about Chakor. Chakor asks her what happened. She says we will erase the stamp which is printed on our hands. Bhaiya ji says he has done everything, what he can do, threatened people and even beaten them, but don’t know Ishwar is not scared and he is threatening me. She calms him and says if a person is not scared of death, then scare him of his loved one’s death. Bhaiya ji is stunned and smiles. Bhuvan wears the shirt. Ishwar says if Chakor does not go, then Imli will get the Bandhua stamp.

Imli takes Chakor’s name in her sleep and says Didi in weak state. Bhaiya ji is determined to attack Ishwar’s family. Bhaiya ji threatens Prabhakar and makes a man keep a gun in his shopping bags. Abha takes out the gun and it fires near Aditya, making them fear for their lives. Bhaiya ji tells Baa not to serve Imli, just sit in room, pray and think about Babuji. He asks her not to worry and laughs. Baa says she has taken just one room from his dad’s property, so it will be hers till she is alive, and its her decision to serve Imli. Bhuvan wakes up and sees Chakor sleeping.

Bhuvan says he did not wish to send her to haveli and thought its her fate, but now he knows what Lord wrote in her fate, this good bed, room, books, such life, I m sure you will erase the stamp of bonded labors with the help of Ishwar. Prabhakar tells Bhuvan that Manohar and goons got bail, and now Ishwar does not have anything to use against Bhaiya ji. He requests Bhuvan to take Chakor back. The kids trouble the teacher in school. Chakor asks them to be silent and asks them to give answers to teacher when she asks. The teacher gets impressed with Chakor as the class obeys her. Chakor gives a chance to a girl who is fearing to give answer. Chakor’s teacher asks her to study well and she will go to higher class. Chakor jumps happily. Bhuvan cries and says he has to break her dreams, and take her back to that hell.

Prabhakar tells Abha that Manohar, Pasha and Khalaasi are released, Ishwar can’t deal with Bhaiya ji to save Imli. Ishwar comes and says tell her who took away my dealing powers. He says tell her how those goons got release. Abha asks them not to fight, as Bhaiya ji wants us to fight, but we should sit and find some way. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar not to come Azaadgunj now, he got bail and have to do some formalities.

Arjun says if Chakor gets chosen by the sports committee, then no one will stop her from touching the sky, she is lucky and this can be a big thing for her. Chakor smiles. He says only she can do this, she has to practice for it, she has to get a fire in her, and aim at the target. Bhuvan says he is taking Chakor back to darkness from light, forgive me. Chaklor runs and Arjun sees her running time. Aditya stops him and asks how will he go if he does not know the way. He asks him to go on car, take Chakor and come back. The driver says he will show him Lucknow too.

Bhuvan sees the bus stop and reaches school. He is not allowed to meet Chakor. Chakor says I have to go home to spend time with my dad. Arjun says he won’t let her go home and asks her to do what he says. He says he will get angry if she does not listen to him, she has to cover the lap. She says she won’t run, she has to meet her dad. Arjun gets angry.Chakor and Arjun long for each other and cry. Will Chakor go back to Aazaadgunj? Keep reading.