Radha and LD get married in the prank in Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali

Radha does a mistake again by coming in Isha’s words and playing a prank on LD again. They go to met him, and take his Economics notes, saying Tiwari Sir praises him a lot. LD says I m awake till 5am, and I did not sleep, but Dada ji will be seeing Yamuna dive. He tells about his Maa and Shamli Bhabhi preparing for Aarti. LD’s friend goes to find Shankar Nath Chaturvedi’s house and reach there with the carton. Everyone do the aarti and bhajan. The guys say it looks like old palace. Dada ji hears them talk loudly and disturb the aarti. Dada ji gets angry and takes their good class while everyone looks on.

He asks do they not respect Lord. The guy says no, we feel you don’t respect Lord else you would have not disturbed Lord early morning, by singing aarti in high tone. Dada ji slaps him. The guy says we are LD’s friend and gives the parcel. They say sorry. Dada ji says don’t be scared, I m not beating you, I m sorry to slap. LD comes to college and passes by Radha. His friends ask why is he excited to attend Tiwari’s class. LD says he has praised me and goes inside to see how Sir welcomes him. He greets him and Sir insults him. The class laughs on him. LD touches his feet and Tiwari Sir scolds him and also brings family in between. LD is angry as Radha has joked on him for second time, on his name Leela.

Radha comes home and her mum talks about marriage. Radha tells her mum not to talk about her marriage with anyone. She argues and says uncle did not behave well with dad. Her mum says you have to marry some day.LD says she made fun of my name, wait and watch how I make fun of her life, I will teach her a life, she insulted me in college but I will insult her infront of everyone. LD and his friends all Radha and make her come in bridal dress for audition. He says I know, you ask many questions, this is our theme, a bride is incomplete without jewelry, we make brides.

He tells about his slogan and asks her to come as he says. Radha says sure. LD says he will teach her a good lesson and stab on her self confidence. He thinks. His friend asks what happened, LD asks are we doing much, is it good to break someone dreams. They ask him is he fine. LD says he is not feeling this is right, lets cancel. They stop him and provoke him to take revenge. LD says yes, I will ruin her image that she will hide her face and name. Dada ji says he will keep mannat for LD this year. Radha comes for the ad film in bridal attire. LD looks at her and smiles. She is shocked seeing him in groom’s attire.

Radha tells everything to Renuka. Isha’s mum Renuka says she does not understand it was a plan, but how did it become a real marriage. Radha cries. His friend says he is the one whom you will marry. She asks what? LD says he means, I m doing groom’s role. The ad film director comes and says its his decision. Radha greets him. The man starts scolding her and makes Radha upset. Dada ji and family does not puja for LD’s marriage and keep the mannat. The director starts the ad making. Radha and LD start walking to the mandap holding hands. Dada ji and family is continuing the puja.

LD takes Radha’s hand in his hand. They do all the rituals. The marriage is done here whereas LD’s family is doing the puja. Radha and LD exchange the garlands. The director asks Radha to look at LD with love. Radha looks at him with love and smiles. Radha’s mum talks to the guard and comes to know there is not any ad shooting going on, and its just college play practice. LD’s friend ask her to come as he needs her. She says tell the guard whats going on. He says you have seen the ad shooting and tells the guard, signing him. The guard says fine, sorry he was confused. The guy says he needs her, he wants someone to do Kanyadaan and do the role of bride’s mum.

Radha’s mum does the kanyadaan. LD and Radha take the rounds. The family does the mannat in the midst of the Yamuna river by being in various boats and connecting it by some long cloth. Radha’s mum gets a call and leaves. LD puts the sindoor in her hairline and makes her wear the mangalsutra. The pandit says the marriage is completed, now you are husband and wife by all the rituals. Radha, her mum, LD and his friends are shell shocked hearing this. What will Radha and LD do now? Keep reading.