Rashmi Jha takes a stand against profanity

MTV’s captive reality show Ace of Space 2, is getting unpredictable every passing day with new twists and turns, as it is nearing the finale. Mastermind Vikas Gupta conducted a double eviction in the previous episode followed by a task. The double eviction in the show came like a bolt from the blue for the contestants It is very interesting to see the equations of each contestant as they have distinct personalities. The reality show has offered the audience a mixture of emotions, friendships, heartbreaks, love and a lot more.

In the last episode, Rashmi Jha supported her friend Deepak Thakur in the task. Rashmi ensured the completion of the task assigned to her with utmost dedication and sincerity. She mentioned how she believes in playing fair. By supporting Deepak in order to win the task, Rashmi proved that she values friends genuinely. She later got into a fight with another houseguest due to the kind of abusive language is used by the houseguests. Rashmi has never used abusive language throughout the game. She also states that the game can be played effectively without the use of profanity.